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Ancient Aliens: The Atlantis Stone (Season 12) | Exclusive | History


WILLIAM HENRY: Atlantis is a lost island civilization that was originally discussed by Plato in his dialogues, Timaeus and Critias, around 360 BC Plato was writing about events that took place 9,000 years before his time

He tells us that Atlantis was governed by laws that were inscribed on a pillar that was housed in the Temple of Poseidon in the center of Atlantis This pillar was made of a mysterious Atlantean substance called orichalcum, which means "of unknown origin" JONATHAN YOUNG: It was said that the Temple of Poseidon (thunder crashes) flashed with the red light of orichalcum The copper tint of this metal caught the attention of the seekers that came to this sacred place

This has spiritual implications There was something about this metal that was said to resonate with the divine ROBERT CARGILL: In 2015, marine archaeologists off the coast of Sicily discovered a shipwreck And preserved in the shipwreck were metal ingots, 39 of them, which the marine archaeologists told the world were orichalcum This raised the question of, is it possible that Plato's story is actual historical fact and what was discovered here in th is shipwreck is evidence of Plato's story? JEFF WILLIAMS: Now, orichalcum is 80% copper and 20% zinc

What's interesting about this is that zinc doesn't naturally occur Zinc only occurs in nature as sphalerite It's a zinc-sulfur complex In order to create zinc, you have to actually process the zinc out of this sulfide They didn't have that technology back then

HENRY: Plato does not tell us anything about how orichalcum was mined or how it was manufactured He only says that it was of unknown origin However, given its connection with Poseidon and the gods, we can reasonably speculate that it was the gods themselves who taught the Atlanteans how to utilize this very powerful substance CARGILL: Those who could smelt metals, who could work with metals, this was considered to be a gift from the divine realm This was considered to be something that humans didn't naturally do and was something that had to be from the gods

According to the ancient astronaut theory, our ancestors were taught in various scientific disciplines They were taught the process of metallurgy by extraterrestrials They taught them how to work metal with primitive means just to get started with ultimately turning ourselves into the supercivilization that we are today CAPTIONING PROVIDED BY A+E NETWORKS

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