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Ancient Aliens: SCIENCE VS. RELIGION (Season 8) | History


NARRATOR: Every religion seeks to answer the same question Where did we come from? Philosophers, sages, and priests have pondered our origins since the dawn of humanity, while science has looked for evidence that might one day give us the answer

Both religion and science approach the idea of where we come from with a set of rules Science has the scientific method Religion comes at the same question with its own set of rules, a presupposition that a god or gods exist Religion gives us a certain view of reality Science gives us a different view of reality, and yes, there are points at which these two worldviews are compatible

Science and religion at their best moments are searching for truth, as is philosophy, especially at moments like the moment of the Big Bang, the moment of creation, the genesis These streams of thought converge In effect, science and religion and philosophy are all searching for the same thing It reminds me of Einstein's question, what were God's thoughts when he was making the universe? NARRATOR: If science and religion are both searching for answers to the same questions, then why do we so often consider them at odds? Is it necessary that one negates the other? Science speaks nothing whatsoever about the existence of God, and because of that, there's still an opening for God, right? There's still a possibility that God stands behind all this, that God is responsible for the Big Bang JONATHAN YOUNG: In the ancient world, the philosophers were the scientists

There was no clear distinction between hard research and theological speculations All serious thinkers were trying to figure out the nature of reality Now, we consider these to be separate pursuits ARIEL BAR TZADOK: If we truly want to bridge the gap between religion and science, we must recognize that religion needs to become more scientific, and science would benefit by becoming a wee bit more religious, not in the mythological sense, but by looking back to the religious [INAUDIBLE] the myth and say if there's any legitimacy, reality to this, what is it? Let's explore it Let's discover

Let's find out what the truth is

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