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Ancient Aliens: India's Mysterious Caves (Season 9) | History


NARRATOR: The Himalayas, Northern India Each summer season, tons of of 1000’s of Hindu pilgrims courageous an arduous journey

They cross many miles of lethal terrain to succeed in the Amarnath Cave, a spot of worship for 1000’s of years 12,756 ft above sea stage within the Himalayas is probably the most revered holy pilgrimage web site for all the individuals who observe the Hindu religion DEEPAK SHIMKHADA: Individuals die due to excessive altitude illness or they only merely fall off the cliff, and nonetheless individuals who go there as a result of it’s thought of to be probably the most holiest shrine NARRATOR: In line with native lore, this huge cave is the place the god Shiva revealed the secrets and techniques of immortality and the creation of the universe to his spouse Parvati [shouting] To honor Shiva, worshippers pay their respects to a sacred relic inside, an ice lingam, which they imagine is a bodily manifestation of his generative energy

To disclose the key to transcending the flesh, the key to true immortality, makes that web site of utmost significance to the folks within the Hindu religion NARRATOR: To the Hindu trustworthy who danger life and limb to succeed in the Amarnath Cave, this story is an actual account of an otherworldly being, who was at this precise location right here on Earth However might the enlightenment discovered inside caves be coming from an extraterrestrial supply contained in the Earth? Some historic astronaut theorists say sure and counsel proof of this could be discovered within the fabled nirvana referred to as Shambhala and the Sky Caves of Mustang in Nepal Some say Shambhala is a legendary metropolis that's positioned someplace within the mountains within the Himalayas Its inhabitants are presupposed to be totally enlightened beings who’ve entry to a large amount of expertise, which comes from the enlightenment itself

Buddhism has at all times seen caves as roughly a conduit to altered states of consciousness, to different civilizations that will exist contained in the Earth [music playing] The sky caves in Mustang are attention-grabbing as a result of there are a tons of or so man-made caves carved into the faces of cliffs, they usually're solely accessible by these enormous vertical shafts And inside these caves, we’ve enormous statues of Buddhas, bodhisattavs NARRATOR: And Buddhists should not alone on this perception Hindus additionally revere caves as locations the place monks can go to seek out knowledge

The sadhu are Indian holy males who principally depart a lifetime of deprivation, a self-imposed exile in caves, in order that they’ll enter these altered state of consciousness They positively imagine that caves are a conduit to speaking with non-human entities It's nearly as if they're opening a doorway to a non secular consciousness wherein they're in a position to talk with these divine beings and hopefully develop into divine themselves [music playing] NARRATOR: Why are there so many accounts of people having enlightening experiences inside caves? Is there one thing about caves themselves that facilitate such extraordinary experiences? Might or not it’s that these persons are coming into contact with an extraterrestrial presence? Historic astronaut theorists counsel that cosmic information could also be saved within the very partitions of those caves themselves I don't suppose that it is a coincidence that locations of refuge, non secular refuge, are inside caves

That is the place one can ponder, one can hear one's internal voice with out the distractions of the day One factor about caves is that they're underground They're unseen Effectively, faith is about unseen issues Going right into a cave goes into holy floor

[music playing] If we’re in search of extraterrestrials, paradoxically, the heavens above may not be one of the best place to look We should always maybe even be trying deep under our ft In some methods, exploring the underground cavern world of planet Earth is– is the ultimate frontier [music playing]

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