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Ana's TNT – Ya Levis / RéYounion Entertainment


A: Welcome to Ana's TNT A: it's Valentine's day, so my first question is going to be: A: what is the perfect valentine's gift for a man? Y: A gift for a man Y: personally for me love is enough but, Y: in my opinion the perfect gift for a man is a unforgetable romantic trip A: ok Y: would be enough for me A: do you have a valentine's date? Y: no, unfortunately not A: we know you from sensual songs like Katchua, Sale A: and you have your new song Snapchat released yesterday A: but who is the man behind this romatic songs? Y: the man behind the songs is somebody who is sharing his lovestories Y: so I express myself through my songs, so that is basically love songs Y: so my songs are about what is going on in daily life A: what does Katchua means? I think is Lingala Y: Katchua means: I could become a mad person or even die for you, kind of drunk in love A: you seem so down to earth A: what is your way to get in balance, what do you do after a ruff day to calm down, what is your recipe? Y: in fact, I always say, my mother always tells me that that you just have to be yourself Y: I never try to be someone else, so I never get out my balance Y: Look at artists like Michael Jackson, even in stressed situations he remiand humble and nice Y: so I can't try to be an artist who just acts arrogant, because it would distract my balance Y: I just can't do that, that's not the kind of guy I am A: what do you want to express in your songs? Y: LOVE Y: I'm a strong beliver of love, love can change big things Y: love can save the world Y: I'm an ambassador of love Y: I was sent to this earth to sing about love A: every song comes with a lot of work, what is your personal masterpiece so far? Y: the masterpiece of my own song? Y: I have one but it ain't out yet, is coming out soon Y: but in general i like all my songs Y : i have love for all my songs Y: because if I record a song, I put all my heart in it A: who would you love to have a featuring with? Y: I would love to have a featuring with Michael Jackson Y: but actually I would say, there are so many good artists Y: there is Burna boy, Justin Bieberwho else? Y: there a so many good singers A: you have a featuring with Diamond Platnumz, how did that go? Y: how did it go? Y: it went down so nice Y: he is a very good person very humble Y: and it's always good to meet such a humble artist like him Y: in fact those type of artists make you learn a lot Y: the featuring with Diamond Platnumz was very important for me Y: because I learned a lot Y: we are young and we still have to learn everyday Y: they are older and they have much experience Y: it was my big pleasure to have this featuring with him Y: top! A: where do you see yourself in 5 years? Y: in 5 years? Y: big producer Y: as producer, I'd like to give chances to other new singers Y: the same chance I had A: this was so nice A: so you're a man with a big heart I guess? Y: yes I am, I thing I got it from my mother A: now we are going to have some quick questions A: the first one is going to be: A: if your life would be filmed, what would be the start and what the end of it? Y: honestly, I have past life Y: fucked up stories Y: I started on the streets Y: I really don't want go in to details, but Y: I came a long way! Y: it's magical how my life changed Y: because of god Y: good blessed me bringing good people to my life which saw my talent and pushed me up Y: I'm thankfull Y: maybe one day, I would like to tell my story from where it started until where is going Y: actually I'm still writing my story, is has not ended yet A: Please finish the sentence: I could never A: he's so cute A: we are already at the end of the interview A: but what I really have to ask you A: you got such a good skin and that for a man, what is your beauty routine? Y: I'm laughing because I didn't expect this question Y: I have a lot of sisters Y: I also have my make up artist, with a lot of knowledge Y: I try to do my best for a good loock Y: Men should also take good care of themselfs Y: I'm trying my best A: for the end it would be very nice if you could sing a verse for me A: wow it really touched my heart, you sing like an angel A: thank you very much for beeing here A: we are looking forward for your concert tonight in Aura, planned by @réyounion_ent A: Ya Levis thank you for beeing here A: see you later A: Thank for tuning in, until next time A: that was it from Ana's TNT

Source: Youtube

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