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An Introduction to Eng Breaking | Eng Breaking Phiên Bản Mới 2019


If you have trouble communicating in English, then Eng Breaking is the method that can make a difference Our product has helped hundreds of thousands of people across all regions, ages, and backgrounds

They have developed a command of English like a native speaker I’m Dave from X3English Our mission is to provide the most complete solution to English learning Whether you are a beginner, have difficulty to learning, suffer from time constraints, lack of confidence, lack of enthusiasm, or simply don’t know where to begin Eng Breaking is the answer to every problem you have

So how can Eng Breaking do this? For those of you who are interested, this is a detailed introduction to Eng Breaking Our online English course to help people communicate like native speakers in as little as 3 months With Eng Breaking you get access to a whole new experience of self-learning for the English Language So what sets us apart from other courses? First off, with Eng Breaking we provide an innovative method to improve your English communication skills The Eng Breaking’s 3 techniques of Deep Listening, Catching Up and, Rapid Response will completely change the way you see English

It will deliver results after 1 week, which you could not achieve with traditional methods I will explain these three techniques in detail later Secondly, our detailed learner’s guide, mapping a clear and comprehensive route for each step of your English learning journey Everything is planned beforehand, the only thing you need to do is follow the instructions And lastly, Eng Breaking is one of the very few English courses that you can study both online and offline

You can study anytime, anywhere, under any circumstances Once you sign up for the course, all this wonderful access will be yours First things first, your Eng Breaking Online Learning Account, is able to synchronize across all devices You can access and continue your lessons via computer, phone, or tablet Your account includes a special bonus, which is the Eng Breaking offline files

Again, you can store these files on any device you have With a cellphone and headphone, you can practice English anywhere you want, in a library, on a bus, on your lunch break, or anytime you see fit Secondly, the Eng Breaking Course Book with vivid color, demonstrating real-life conversations from 36 most popular topics in English communication, featuring 2,933 vocabulary words and 285 sentences that are the most frequently-used in actual situations With Eng Breaking we want you to have the best experience of learning a new word, that is via real conversation Instead of skimming through long and tedious wordbooks, you will learn the words indirectly through their usage and context

Thirdly, the Action Plan with detailed and comprehensive daily checklists With 12 lessons mapped for 12 weeks and 6 studying sessions per week, you can easily track your progress After each lesson, there will be an assessment in the form of the Toeic test in order for you to summarize what you h ave studied The optimal route we estimate for learners will be about 3 months In case you need to speed up your process, or need more time to complete, don’t worry, our system will automatically adjust to help you reach your goal

And finally, our massive support system Our daily email reminder will boost your enthusiasm and confidence to study, but here’s the golden bonus; With Eng Breaking, you gain access to a thriving community of 69,000 learners You can ask questions, share your learning experience, or simply find a peer to study and grow with We hold regular contests with big rewards Each week, there will be a live stream with native teachers, providing free lessons on English communications and pronunciations

THE ENGBREAKING THREE TECHNIQUES One of the biggest problems English learners have is the lack of confidence Students come to me and say “I have a fear of speaking English When I talk to a foreigner, I am always scared of getting the words wrong” It’s actually a normal reaction when you’re facing something that’s unfamiliar to you And another reason, because the traditional learning methods of glossary check and grammar tests fail to prepare you for real-life situations

With Eng Breaking we provide a distinctive approach to study English We focus on the real things, real situations, real conversation, and real words Because think about it, it’s the exact same way you learned your mother tongue You listen to everyday conversations Through the context you learn the words meaning, through the sentences you learn the grammar, through the questions you learn how to reply

And that’s why we introduce you to the Eng Breaking’s three techniques, the revolutionary learning method to shatter your fear of English communication, in just 3 months They are: Deep listening, catching up, and rapid response Deep listening Deep listening is basically, when you listen to understand With Eng Breaking we don’t ask you to listen once or twice and fill in the blank, we want you to listen actively Grasp a sense of the meaning, the context, how the speakers interact

It includes three steps First, you listen to the audio to get a sense of familiarity Secondly, listen in beginner speed with a transcript to fully understand the content and the context Finally, listen again but in native speed and without the transcript until you catch all the points We believe this is the most efficient and fundamental way for beginners to hone their listening skills Catching up Now, I am confident that this technique could make the most remarkable turnaround

Practicing this method, you would notice the change in your pronunciation and intonation after one week With “Catching Up” we also guide you to speak with two different speeds First is the beginner speed to shape your pronunciation, your tone, and ending sounds Once you master all of these, you can catch up to native speed, which would help you sound as natural as possible and bring your intonation to a whole new level Rapid Response As the name suggests, Rapid Response is the technique to help you interact with native speakers in the most natural and fluent way

You will study how to promptly respond to real-life conversations Combining Deep Listening and Catching Up, these three Eng Breaking methods won’t just enable you to sound like a native speaker You would learn to think like one too And now comes the most exciting part Let us experience one study session with Eng Breaking

First off, read through and follow the steps on the “Welcome Message” Then, activate your Eng Breaking course to receive your Online Learning Account Use the account information sent via email to log onto the learner system of x3englishcom Next, click on the “Getting Started” to get a grasp of the Eng Breaking’s 3 techniques All the lessons are listed here

After you are done with one lesson, click on “Mark Complete” to access the next lesson So, you have completed all the steps to activate our full support system Now your daily task is simple, check your email inbox and follow our instruction, or follow the steps planned out on the Action Plan Until all of your daily task boxes are ticked, congratulations! You have successfully completed the first day with Eng Breaking! With only 30 minutes to 1 hour a day, no matter if it is 5 in the morning or 11 at night, you can go from a person unable to command basic English, all the way to being actively influent in just 3 months All is possible with Eng Breaking

So, that’s all you need to know about Eng Breaking If you have any questions, drop a comment below or contact our customer support team Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and click on the bell icon for our latest and newest video and content If you wish to check out more information about studying English, visit our website at x3englishcom

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