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AMV-Breaking Bad Fr ll A Reason to Fight


It's easy money until we take you DEA took your money and your lab Walt, one word, and I'm taking you for an operation You have nothing left

Starting point It would spice up your life One day But you know the business and I know the chemistry I was thinking

Maybe you and I could become partners? – We have new players in town – Did you take everything? You and I won't do shit We do not yet know who they are or where they come from We will produce a chemically pure and stable product But they cook extremely professionally – It's art

– Actually, it's just ordinary chemistry Personally, I think a new drug lord ended up in Albuquerque – Mr White? – Why are you doing all this? – Did you understand what I just told you? – Seriously Yes

Lung cancer Not operable A guy like you so correct, straight like a stick, and all of a sudden, at 60, is going to get bad? – Tell me what's going on with you? – Are you hiding something? What's wrong with you? You are not like that What do you know about me I am awake There is a need to develop the infrastructure

We're going to make a lot of money together From the start, we take a step forward, then two steps back – What does a man do? – Where's my money, bitch ?! – A man supports his family – I did terrible things But I had a good reason

– They will always be our priority and our responsibility – I did everything for us A man should provide everything for his family And it does, even if no one likes it – You only made a mistake

– And he does it all by himself – This – Because he's a man

is not meth – You need a real businessman

– May I help you, sir? Someone who treats your production as a premium product because that's what it is And do you know such a person? Your new laboratory – I need 90 kg per week – We have no right to make mistakes – to justify the investment – These people don't forgive mistakes Never make the same mistake twice A cockroach comes out of the fridge, what are you doing? You don't think about it

You crush it Run! Jesse, you asked me if I was in the meth buisness or in the financial buisness

Neither of the two I am in the imperial buisness I lived all my life frightened I was scared of what could have happened

I do not know what to do Stop before it is too late Could have happened, or not Please, please, no – 50 years

– Happy birthday! lived like this – I often woke up at 3 am – You can either run away from the problems or solve them But you know what

Since I got cancer – You have to accept yourself as you are – I sleep well

And I accepted myself – And I understood – And who are you? Can you be tough, Walter? I am the wrong person

that the most terrible thing is fear itself He's the real enemy Stay out of my territory

– I've been living under the threat of death for a year – It is not my illness that is responsible for what happens to me, but my choices – Because of my choices – The choices I made The choices I support

I alone must feel the consequences of my choices, no one else I deserve everything that is going on – How do you know Heisenberg is cooking again? – WW – How do I know? – Who do you think it could be? Because I know – I was sure I was going to die – You are finished

You are finished – Stay away from Pinkman – Jesse ?! And suddenly someone or something came to my rescue What's happened ? I won Who are you ? – You know

– We won't slow down – You all know who I am – We're just getting started Say my name Heisenberg

You're right – I'm not in danger, Skyler – We'll be done, when I say we're done " I am the danger Someone opens his door and takes a bullet, and you think it will be me? No

I'm the one knocking on the door – You are a time bomb – You two guys, you're just guys – Tick Tick

Tick – And Mr White it's the devil He's smarter than you, luckier than you And I have no intention of being there for the

– Since I met you, everything – Come on! everything I wanted is gone NO ! Dead, since I did business with the great Heisenberg

Heisenberg Heisenberg! – I have never been so alone – He can't get away like this! I am nothing! More people ! Everything I do, I do to protect this family What's wrong with you We are a family ! I am who I am And I would like to change a lot in myself, but

We are a family Here we are

And this is so Call me crazy, but I am very optimistic for the future Do what you were going to do

Should I hear, again, that you did this for the family? I did it for myself Chemistry is the study of materials Don't you think something is missing? But I would rather say that it is the study of change – And what about the soul? – It's blue

The soul? You think I have a feeling of possessiveness towards my formula There is nothing but chemistry here – But this is not true ? – Of course not I just respect chemistry Chemistry must be respected

– All of that could have been avoided – Shut up And let me die in peace

I remember this place – Well, let's cook here! – This is where we cooked for the first time I don't remember the last time I was happy Being so wrong about someone In a sense, we all live a double life

We have work Do you want to cook? What did you expect from me? That I was just going to fly and let you murder us? – It's finish – That I was not going to take any countermeasures to protect myself? – Can I take an order? – Can I have your ticket, please? You are wrong Kill me and you lose everything

– Kill Jessie – Why? – and you lose me – Why him ? Because he does what I tell him

Because I can trust him You can never trust an addict – Look better – He's my partner Here is my partner

– And if he doesn't go – Hardworking partner I will not go – Say you want it! – Walt is merciless Nothing will happen until you say it yourself

He will do everything to protect his interests – Except if it hits you – I want this Just say you don't care about me You are dear to him

So do it yourself I am really sorry Want to brew methamphetamine? You and me ? Walt, you have a Wisconsin-sized brain Yeah, Mr White! – A wire ! – Heinsenberg

– Ricine – Copper Science ! – Yeah, damn! – Damn! Come on! Come on! I did it for myself

– I liked that – Badass, dad – And I was good at that – You're the smartest guy I know And

I was

really I was alive

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