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Am I Breaking The Lockdown Rules? Car Auction Diaries #21#carauctions #carthrottle


– Chris, what are you doing down at the auction centers during lockdown? Should car dealers be able to deliver cars and hand over cars during the lockdown? Well that's my question for you Let me know in the comment section below

I am delivering cars to my customers And doing hand overs Is that right or wrong? The pressure is coming obviously from the customers because they've paid for their cars and they want their cars So it's taking a lot longer than normal to get these done and that's obvious isn't it because let's face it, the car auctions are running a limited collection service I've gotta get a driver who will be prepared to do it

And he needs to have travel on the train If he's not gonna go on the train, he needs to get another driver to take him there so he's now sitting next to somebody for a period of time to get to the auction They've gotta meet someone at the auction and collect the vehicle Social distancing will be used They're then gonna drive to the customer's house, hand the car over, again social distancing measures can be used

But it is difficult and I'm sure you've all experienced this it is difficult to maintain two meters at all times from somebody isn't it? It's just not possible to I don't know what you've found but I've found it pretty much impossible to do If they're coming to me for a hand over, that means that cars gotta come to me and I've gotta take that car off a driver, who's been sitting in that car for a few hours as well So of course I'm gonna glove up, I'm gonna mask up, but I'm still putting myself into position where that person's brought the car to me And then I've got to do a hand over

Now I'm fortunate because the unit that I'm in has got a whole separate area and I can do a completely separated hand over in that area But again, it's still handing over a car isn't it during lockdown Stay home, protect the NHS, and save lives, that's what we've been told But, CarDealer magazine reached out to the government and said can car dealers deliver cars and sell online? And the government answer is as long as social distancing measures are observed, yes So now I've gotta go back to the drivers and say yes, you must get on public transport

Yes, you must pick the car up, yes you must deliver the car, and yes you must then get public transport back, or sit in a car with somebody else to deliver that car That's a difficult one, isn't it? Again, tell me in the comments section below, watch here if you've enjoyed this sort of video, why not subscribe, it's free after all? Thanks to you all as well who told me a lot of you go pro style I'm really enjoying doing them Sort of reinvigorated me as well to do more YouTube videos so keep watching out on the channel for more content I'll make plenty more of it

And I'll get back to the Astra this Sunday and give you an update on how we're getting on with that one And what the thought was Thanks to all those who had a guess or probably got it right anyway and told me It's a lot busier than I thought Mostly lorries though, isn't it? I've got myself down to BCA Perry Barr and I'm down here to collect a car

The auctions are shut, as you can see, the doors the gates are all shut But, the collection area, that is open so I'm gonna head round to the back We've booked a time slot for us to go down and pick a car up We've got the gloves on, we've got the masks on in the car We've got this pre-determined slot

So as you can see They're all shut at the moment So as you can see, the auctions have got loads of cars stacked up here, haven't they? All waiting to be collected There'll be a lot of super market cars here Obviously our cars as well

But they're releasing one at a time every sort of, one every half and hour So it's proving to be quite a challenge for the auction centers and for ourselves Absolutely loads of cars stacked up They take a picture of you with the car when they get it released I've gotta do my checks here before I leave

Quite a long drawn out process really, but, look we're getting the cars done We're getting them to our customers but it's just taking time Absolutely shit loads of cars here And I'm picking cars up for customers and we're trying to do this safe and as quick as possible This car's coming back to my unit

Gonna keep it there now This one's gotta go to the Isle of White, so they can't come over on the boat from there to collect either So this is gonna get back to my unit and stored at my unit but it's important that we pick these up, get 'em out of the auction center and get 'em ready for delivery as quick as we physically can I've traveled down with Terry to pick up this car for one of my customers Fortunately Perry Barr isn't too far away from us so we haven't had to sit next to each other for too long and we both wore masks

Both got gloves on So we're doing our best to keep as clean as possible Obviously and keep that social distancing going Normally though, we'll have to shove someone on the train or on buses and trains And that's not ideal

So we're trying to use recovery trucks, which is costing us more money We're trying to use two drivers in a car Again, costing us more money And we can't pass these costs onto you all We could pass the cost onto the customer, but no one would appreciate it

All we can do is get out and about and try and keep as safe as possible So we can get these cars picked up and dropped off to the customer The main reason for us having to pick the car up ourselves and going to the auction is to make sure that we do an inspection on the car We've gotta make sure we've got come back you see If there's anything wrong with the engine, the gearbox, anything wrong with that car, anything wrong with the body work that isn't on the report, we need to make sure that we've got a proper inspection from a proper trade driver so we can take it back to the auction and follow up any short claims or any claims around body work issues, et cetera, that weren't declared on the inspection report

Now, that's the main reason why we do all the collections or we send our trade drivers to do the collections for us on our behalf so we get that information It's important that the auctions don't have a private buyer attend because the private buyer attends, the car's deemed sold, all rights transferred to that new owner and unfortunately there's no helpful support then for that customer So we want to make sure we can always help the customer should there be an issue with the car Or so what tends to happen is when we go and pick up these cars is often is a flat battery, there's no fuel, or a tire is flat So it's really important again that we go and we do this because we're used to have to dealing with those situations

During lockdown, there is very minimal support on site I would go on to say there's literally no support on site with that car It is your problem So if we send a private customer to pick up a car and there's all sorts of issues, how are you gonna sort it out? How's that gonna get sorted out? So it is important that we do that for you to make sure we can get the car picked up safely, to you securely, and support any after sales and leads I'm heading back to the unit now and I'm gonna show you our safe hand over area

And this is what we're using currently if people want to come pick their cars up from us Again, do tell me in the comments section below is this enough? Should we even be doing this? I've told you before, earlier, in this YouTube video that it's the pressure from the customers who bought their cars So we gotta try to facilitate this haven't we? And also, whether you love him or hate him, Donald Trump said the cure can't be worse than the disease So, can destroying the economy be worse than what's being caused by coronavirus? Now that is a question that is really difficult to answer isn't it? I'll leave it with you Let me know, let me know your thoughts

So we have this Peugeot 208 GTI And this is the one that the customer is coming to collect And as you can see, we've got this massive space here in the new unit that currently has nothing in So it's ideal for hand overs isn't it? Look at that and then the customer can actually come in through there through the shutters I don't need to see them

And they can do the inspection on the car in the drive because it isn't as sunny as it was the other day It's absolutely chalking it down We've got this massive space As easy as that, they can pick up their car, can't they? I don't need to see 'em I've got gloves on

I don't even need to see them I can sit in my office I can talk to them on the phone What I've done is I've put the key on the window So they can grab that

And the docs are also in the car And they've already taxed it, they've already insured it So they can come in, do their inspection, and have a look at the car, can't they? And I don't really need to see them So that is our current plan of hand overs When the cars at the unit, but we still gotta get the car to the unit, that is the thing

And I tell you what, this is a cracker He's gonna be overjoyed with this You can take your chances sometimes buying these at auction But I think he's done really well Anyone had one of these? Nice isn't they? Tidy looking car

Very nice looking car Didn't cost a lot Drives really well Think he's gonna be pleased with that

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