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All Y'all Are Breaking Up!? | MTV Floribama Shore


– Roses – What is this? – And a shot

– Aw What is this for, Codi? – [Codi] Just 'cause I want to – Like, dude, the (beep) are you doing? She's turned you down a million times, bro She's making you look stupid Why are you still doing this stuff for her? – Aww, you're so sweet, thank you! – You're welcome

– Why'd you buy her those? You look stupid You look stupid as (beep) – Don't start with me, Kirk – [Kirk] Start with what, bitch? You look dumb – He said just 'cause he wanted to

– How many times do I have to tell you, bro she does not mess with you like that! And you're still buying her a flower? You just don't get it – I mean, Kirk got upset the minute Codi gives me these flowers So, you know, Dirk is resurfacing, and I'm like, dang, Dirk must not like flowers – [Kirk] Bitch, you look dumb – I don't give a (beep) about that, Kirk

I don't give a (beep) what you think about me I don't care I'm just gonna shut you off and be like, (chuckles) you're just an idiot, you don't know what's going on – You're being a bitch – Kirk, it's not like that

– Kirk, stop it – She don't want you, bro! – I understand that! – Then why are you giving her flowers? – Kirk, you don't think I– – Do you get me? – [Gus] I agree! – Do you think give (beep) about fifteen dollars worth of (beep) flowers? I don't give (beep) about it! – But you do – Stop that! – What the (beep) are they yelling at each other for? I'm missing something I thought Codi and Kirk were supposed to be best friends Like what's actually the problem? – Are they fighting? – Okay! – You look like a bitch! (dramatic music) (energetic rock music) I'm gonna call you out now! You bought a girl flowers just to tell you she doesn't wanna (beep) be with you

– Okay – You like a bitch! – Kirk's never talked to me like this before That's not your business! – Girl's gonna feel uncomfortable with you 'cause they think you're a bitch boy – I'm not gonna let anyone talk to me like that I don't give a (beep) who you are

– Why are you giving her (beep) flowers bro? – I'm being nice! – I'm wanna slap someone – It's a full on fight Are y'all really arguing about the fact that Codi got Candace flowers? – I'll be right back – Grab a cup too, so that way you can drink your beer – Yeah, a cup, three cups

Bro, Mattie though, cha-chinga – She's awesome – Winner winner chicken dinner She's awesome – She's pretty (beep) cool You talked to her about like long distance (beep)? – Yeah, I did

– You did, 100%? – I did – Okay, cool, just wanna make sure – I even told her straight up, I was like, "Look, me personally, "I'm not doing long distance" I just don't wanna get pushed into that situation – Dude, you're gonna get pushed every single time if it's with a girl, period

– I feel like at this point, there are more that needs to be said to Mattie about where I see this going and so I just have to be straight up with her right now – And I'll be right back – All right – I'm not even raising my voice, I'm just saying bro, you've said you're not gonna entertain her, you're not gonna talk to her, you're not gonna dance with her but if you're buying her flowers what do you think that looks like, dawg? I don't even think Codi's aware of what he's doing and that's why sometimes you gotta step in and give a little tough love – Y'all arguing about flowers

– I was just trying to be nice – I can't do this (beep), y'all What the (beep)? – She doesn't want the flowers, not from you! I hate to say it but she doesn't She don't (beep) with you like that! – She's told me a million times you won't stop chasing her – Five dollar flowers, (beep) five dollar flowers – At this point, I need to take a page out of Aimee's anger management class, walk away

– We said leave her alone! – I'm done, I'm done I'm done, I'm done – I don't give a (beep), man – All right, bro, if you don't care then keep doing your thing, I'm just telling you how it is – [Aimee] Do your voice, Nilsa, do it

– You look like a big whore (Aimee laughs) – Oh my god, calm down baby – That's a lie That's a lie, you're looking at me like something's on your mind, so speak it – I don't know what you're expecting of me after this beach house

– I'm not gonna expect anything, I'm just gonna let it happen – And I want you to know that after this beach house, I'm always gonna be there for you, but right now in my life, I'm not ready to make that sacrifice – Sacrifice of what? – The sacrifice of doing long distance – What? I'm just so confused – Jeremiah's laying it down on Mattie right now, telling her that he's not trying to go with a long distance relationship– – Is that what he's doing right now? – Yes dude, that's what he's doing, dude, and him and her were just (beep) making out! – [Gus] I've said pretty much the whole time that this is exactly what's gonna happen

I know Mattie's gonna be very emotionally distraught right now I just don't wanna see her get hurt like that – He's doing it right (beep) now – You said you wanted to make it work – I never said that though

I never said that – You never pulled me outside– – When I got that (beep) phone call from Kristen, I was 100% percent transparent with you in everything that I (beep) said when I said that I wasn't trying to do long distance I definitely appreciate you I do – Same

– But I mean, I live in Arizona, you live in Nashville I mean I understand that for me, I'm not looking for anything long distance, but at the same time, I found somebody that I can vibe with here – Okay, do you still feel that same way? – Unfortunately, yes (dramatic music)

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