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All women mariachi band breaking mariachi stereotypes


GET WORD AN ALL FEMALE MARIACHI BAND IN EL PASO IS BREAKING THE MARIACHI GENDER STEREOTYPES IT'S GROUP IS CALLED MARIACHI FEMENIL FLORES MEXICANAS <008 > <343 > <558 Lily Sanchez Owner Director Mariachi Femenil Flores Mexicanas <05:23:405:23:52 "It's a maldominated genre so everybody looks at you like you can't be as good as an almale group

" FOR THE PAST 20 YEARS THE GROUP HAS BEEN PLAYING MARIACHI IN EL PAS NAT PO ONE OF THE BIGGEST STRUGGLES FOR THE ALL FEMALE GROUP IS SINGING SONGS THAT WERE TRADITIONALLY SUNG BY MENNAT PO Lily Sanchez Owner Director Mariachi Femenil Flores Mexicanas <05:24:405:25:06 "sometimes the chores's do suffer cause you need that low bottom base but we make it work"NAT PO Yesenia Rodriguez <05:32:205:32:29 "especially like learning the keys and stuff for a female voice is very different from learning keys and stuff from male voices"NAT PO BUT THE LADIES SAY THEY DONT WANT TO BE THE SAME AS OTHER MARIACHI GROUPS STANDING OUT WITH THEIR TURQUOISE PINK OUTFITS AND ROYAL BLUE OUTFITS Karyne Perea <05:36:105:36:19 > "I think color choice helps us stand out a lot I hadn't really seen Well until I joined this group I never really saw like a turquoise traje" THE BAND HAS PLAYED THROUGHOUT THE SOUTHWEST AND RECENTLY WENT ON TOUR WITH INTERNATIONAL SINGER LILA DOWNS PROVING THAT WOMEN MARIACHI BANDS CAN BE JUST AS SUCCESSFU IN A MALE DOMINATED INDUSTRY

NAT PO Yesenia Rodriguez <05:33:405:33:49 > "They either don't take THE LADIES SAY THEY PLAY GIGS

Source: Youtube

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