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ALIF – Last Episode || English Subtitles || 14th Mar 2020 – HAR PAL GEO


How did you find out? You knew about it The day you brought the picture, that day I found out

Abdul Ala never told me that Husna was his daughter in law Why didn’t he tell you? Why didn’t he tell me? Why didn’t he tell me? You have become better after Momin came, you didn’t look old this time You are right Ibrahim After Kalb e Momin’s return I feel I have the world If your daughter in law was not an actress she wouldn’t have sent Momin to you

She is a good soul, I could never repay her favor on me You are a good soul that you are saying this for that woman who took away your son and was responsible for his death Don’t say that Ibrahim, its my fault that is coming in front of me God is kind, he keeps everyone’s secret Ameen

When are you getting married? That is why I came to you, find me a good woman A nice woman, whose character is worth being written in golden words Who loves God more than me, I don’t care about caste or face There is a widow okay

Her character can be written with golden words, her good deeds are heavier than any treasure in the world Her love for God is much more than Abdul Ala’s doing calligraphy for his entire life I accept Mr Ala, I will accept it against all forms of dowry What is her name? Husna

Husna Mr Abdul Ala didn’t tell me that you are this beautiful This is your way of looking You are not only Husna, but also Husn e Jahan

I am really lucky I want to say something to you Say anything If you find out that I have lied to you, then? Then I will forgive you Because Mr

Abdul Ala has said about you that your character can be written in golden words Your good deeds are worth more than any treasure in the world and your love for God is more than Mr Abdul Ala doing calligraphy all his life He cannot say something wrong about you You wanted to say something? Nothing

Mr Abdul Ala has indebted me I am by the grace of God capable of paying back all your debts This is the debt that I won't be able to pay off on the judgment day It was my fault, I told Mr

Abdul Ala that the woman shouldn’t have a child, had I not said this, he would have told me But if he would have told me, God knows what I would have thought I was not a fan of Husn e Jahan, I would never have believed her All of us, do the same, create our own judgment of people We are never ready to believe that if we can change, anyone can, the doors of forgiveness don’t have anyone’s name written on it

You have never told Mr Abdul Ala that you know the truth How could I? how could I? had I told him, then he wouldn’t have been able to look me in the eye and he had given me Husna She stayed with me for 5 years, I have never seen such a woman You asked me how Husna was

Her character would have been written in golden words All her good deeds is worth more than any treasure in the world Her love for God was much more than master Ibrahim’s love Much more than that Papa, I met Husn e Jahan’s husband today

Who? Who is he? Master Ibrahim The one I go to And Husn e Jahan? Is she dead? She became Husna I am writing this letter sadly, today I have read the letters Momin wrote to God He kept a letter box in the jungle and posts the letters there

The letter I read was the 30th letter and he had asked God to send you back There was no fault of Momin in our fight, I am your sinner Taha Your son’s sinner Today the last idol of ego has been broken by that letter box, Now I will send Abdul Ala, all these letters and also a request to send you back, he really loves you More than me

For me he writes letters to God, not for me Momina, Momina, look who is here Sit son Will you have breakfast Yes, if you can… Yes, why not

I will get it This is your home, why won't you get it? Are you ok? On the outside, not on the inside I can understand Will you have tea? Momina, you know Master Ibrahim, right? Yes I want to meet him

Husn e Jahan was married to him I knew it I want to meet him Why is it locked? Master doesn’t lock the door Listen to me, why is this locked? Master Ibrahim passed away in the hospital, we had the funeral in the morning today

I will find out who put the lock What can I tell you, its such a tragic event, he was a little unwell, he called me, I took him to the hospital When he got to the hospital the doctor told us he was dead on arrival God give him a place in Jannah He didn’t have a family, nor a family member

The neighbors prayed his funeral When we took him to the hospital in the morning he gave me the keys and said when Momina Sultan comes, give her the keys God give him a place in heaven You people sit, I will get the keys Momina is here, come on

Come here Mama, you removed all your pictures I am really happy, Master Ibrahim You cared for my mother and did everything for her that I couldn’t do I want to rewrite the script of this film

Its not Kalb e Momin’s story This is the story of Husn e Jahan No This is the journey of Husn e Jahan becoming Husna It’s a spiritual film, the script is great, the direction is great

I am really excited and the reason I am excited is that Alif is close to my heart I don’t want to say a lot, I want people to see it and decide how they find it You should also tell about the sponsorship So what I was saying earlier… Come on, lets go inside Are you nervous? For the first time in my life, no

I am Why? If the film is a hit, you will stay here, if it’s a flop you will leave everything and go to Turkey and open a calligraphy school This is what was decided between you and Abdul Ala So, what do you want? The movie to be a hit or flop? I want what is best for you happen I know what is best for me

So I have decided Come on So how did you find it? I just can't describe it, I hugged my mother while watching it I am going to go convince my wife after this, this movie has shaken me How did you like the film? I came on the invitation of Kalb e Momin, after watching the movie I have realized that I will not be able to make such a movie in the next 50 years

Kalb e Momin is an asset for our country… Really good You should meet Jahagir, if he had seen this movie… Wow, the performance Momina gave, just like… I thought I would get more, but then I realized 2 are more than enough for you How did you know I came? The way I found out about you leaving the cinema Congratulations Alif is a hit

You won the bet I am going to Turkey tomorrow What for? Forever You were… if the film is a success… It doesn’t matter, the peace I got after so many years, I don’t want to lose it Anyone will take Kalb e Momin’s place, but only Kalb e Momin can take grandpa’s place

You made the right decision, I prayed that the film is a flop I knew it Keys to Master Ibrahim’s home He left these for you For me, he left the pictures my father made

Will you come with me? Where? Turkey Forever No Why? Master Ibrahim’s home will be closed forever The work Husn e Jahan started someone has to handle it

You can do that from… Momin, I don’t want to repeat Taha and Husn e Jahan’s story Me and you will meet somewhere else Away from what is right and wrong I will meet you in a world But, that place can be this too

That time can be of today too We have found out what is right and wrong We have gotten the chance You go I am still on the way

I have a lot of distance to cover I will wait for you When you get tired and, you stop keeping the flowers in the vase and want to put them in your hair, then come Kalb e Momin is leaving as Momin But he is leaving his heart with you

What is this? A key to grandpa’s home So that you don’t have to wait on the door After me you will come here And when you will come here, convert this home in a calligraphy school I will make the school, but who will teach calligraphy

You are Kalb e Momin, you will Me? Yeah Grandpa you are saying that I will leave my successful career and come here as a nobody and teach people calligraphy, something that I have no expertise on Your name is Kalb e Momin, your family has been doing calligraphy for the past 10 generations You are the 11th generation

You will also write verses Praising God is in your blood In your genes You will come

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