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Alexandra Trusova in entertainment show "FK"


Today in our studio “Russian rocket”, “Quad Queen” and world record holder Alexandra Trusova Hi Sasha, I am also Sasha

Sit on any pillow As far as I know, you don’t really like to talk, but you like to competeYes Then today we will forget about the questions, and we will give you tasks If you manage well, then we will give you dumplings

Is this your favorite food? Yes Each dumpling has points and we play up to 100 points I followed you in Canada and noticed how you take cameras from operators Do you like to shoot? I do not like when they shooting me Want to be a cameraman? How? I’ll give you a camera now and you’ll shoot a small report Tell the audience of our program how it is done and what is happening around

Take whatever you want, studio, plans, cameramen Comment on what you see Camera lens, a man who does not want to be shoot as well as me Look here, it's called a crane We usually crash into one at the rink

What do you think they do? Probably a sound It is not clear what they are doing If I press the buttons will anything change? No, you just turn off the lights in Moscow Show our studio Tina don't worry Look at our sofas

Looks like kiss & cry Tell those who do not know what kiss & cry is and what they are doing there Waiting for scores Why is it called that? Because kisses Kisses of whom with whom? Coach with an athlete I thought an air kisses to the audience And when bad scores athletes cry Is that all you want to shoot? Yes, the ceiling is cool Okay, take the dumpling for the excellent work as the operator 20 points

How many maximum points do you have for the technics? 100 We also have dumplings for 100 points I know that after the GP stage in Canada, you did a parallel quadruple jump from Yuzuru Hanyu Yes, the first time he fell, but this is due to the fact that he adapted to my jump How did you ask him? I did not say, but gestured Here on the screen

How to show "hey let's jump the quadruple jump together"? I said “Quad Toe loop” and we went to do it Has anyone else done parallel elements with you? The first time with Alexei Erokhov in training, then at the JWC here is also cantilever with Shoma Uno Is that that difficult element? How to do this, I do not understand, right? It is hard on the floor Something like that It is necessary to stand on the inside edges and lean back against the counterweight

Would you like to go to pair skating? No, I am afraid of throws and twists What about Yuzuru? Nope Shoma Uno had a very emotional moment at the Grand Prix in France Do you give vent to emotions in Kiss & cry? I usually restrain myself when I'm upset and when I'm glad What needs to happen for you to behave this way? Probably also skate like him

I think you deserve another dumpling Take one Only 10 points Charging with Alexandra Trusova So we train our feet

It's simple Sit down this way Let's move the sofa a bit, it bothers us Yes, it's not even possible to do Axel here Look, I can do axel too This is not an axel, it’s more like a UR half Axel they show some exercises that do not require translation Is this preparation for a jump? To jump a quad, do you need to make 4 rotations on the floor? No, it won’t work on the floor, for quads you need a speed How many revolutions? one and a half I thought I did three , but she tell me one and a half

Hockey players have such an exercise when you sit on one leg Do you do that? We do like this The very first jump? Single jump at 6 years? We are already have 7 years old who jump triples And what time are you? At 11, I jumped all triples and at 13 quad First quad I landed for a while under-rotated salchow, and one day the coaches shoot the jumps from me and Anna and put it on the Internet How to jump salchow? If I do it correctly on the technique, then in this case it turns out to be good How to jump quad? At first you jump all triples, and then if there is time you begin to learn a new element You raise the height of the triple, and then either you try to jump or on a harness with a coach Is it scary? I do it every day) As far as I know, Matthew Bellamy congratulated you after the victory in Canada

Is that true? Yes How? On instagram(I think you see it on the screen) Did you ever think the Muse band would congratulate you? Of course not Is there something you want to tell him? Thank you very much for watching my performance Hope you enjoyed it Do you know what on american forums wrote that Emilia Clark watched your program? I don’t know, but I really would like to see her live That's your dream? My dream is to win Olympic gold

You posted gratitude to the coaches on instagram Who else would you like to thank? My whole family and fans Thank you very much for your support Yes, I watched on the Internet a fan video of your performances and there are a lot of cheers "Sasha do it" "Sasha you are the best" "Trusova GOAT" I think these people deserve special thanks

Yes, there are a lot of posters and I like it In Canada, there was a poster with the words of my younger brother to the Olympic Channel They interviewed him and asked what he would like for his sister And he answered with these words What a funny brother you have

Take dumplings Do you really like dumplings? Yes Do you do it yourself? Grandma does, I can, but I don’t have time 20 points With such a beautiful manicure you won’t make dumplings Jump to the future It is often said that you made a jump into the future in figure skating and did what previously seemed impossible

Let's take a jump into the future with you And so, Alexandra Trusova is 25 years old Number of medals? About a hundred or two hundred Will everyone jump quadruple jumps? I don’t want to all the skaters jump quads Who is the first to jump quint? Of the girls, I, but of the boys I can’t say

Do boys and girls compete with each other? Sometimes on practice Would you like to compete against guys? Maybe yes Who would be your main rival Yuzuru or Nathan? both In 2002, Miki Ando was the first to land a quadruple jump in official competitions, but did not do it in seniors Nobody jumped quads before you anymore How much do I know you know her? Yes Where did you meet? In Japan at the show

She even speaks a little bit Russian, but we didn’t have much contact, we just took pictures Are you really inscribed in the Guinness Book of Records? I have certificates and I brought them Friends, this is what the Guinness Book of Records certificate looks like It is very cool and worthy of dumplings 10 points again

Remember everything List of your records updated with every start You are the top record holder and figure skating newsmaker Can you remember some of them? Quad toe loop at the junior world championship Quad Lutz in Yerevan

What is the record? The world's first quadruple lutz I must say how cool it is I think the record for points and technique Does this skate have the most views? No, junior world championships have more views Take the dumpling

10 points Space quiz Your performances are often compared with a flight into space Would you like to go to space? I watched many films about astronauts, but I do not want to fly into space Do you want to meet the astronaut? It is possible to get acquainted

Today you will have a unique opportunity In touch with us is the pilot-cosmonaut, the hero of Russia Mikhail Kornienko (Mikhail holds the record for continuous stay on the ISS for more than 340 days) Hello, I hear well Do you see us? And I see you well Let me congratulate Sasha on a wonderful victory, what she does is a success and this raises the country's prestige

Can you compare the training of an astronaut with the training of a skater? It’s hard for me to compare because I don’t know how to skate These are multidirectional types of training What about you? I think I could not stand training in a centrifuge Why do you think so? No, my brother would be a good astronaut, and I have a very weak vestibular apparatus Is it possible to go to astronauts after the end of a skater's career? I think nothing is impossible, especially for Sasha

She is young and she has everything ahead, but some specialties need to be mastered Engineer, doctor, biologist and many others, in this case we are waiting for you in our squad Are there many girls in your squad? Unfortunately, there are not so many Russian girls, but I flew a lot with European and American You can ask a question How beautiful in space? The Earth is beautiful of course, especially when we fly in the southern latitudes above Antarctica during the northern lights

The views of the Earth themselves are also very beautiful Thank you very much If suddenly an unidentified flying object flies near you, then it's just that our Russian rocket has reached a new level I am pleased to correct her trajectory Do you know who else called as Russian Rocket before you? I think a hockey player

Yes, this is a hockey player who played in the NHL Pavel Bure Did you like talking with astronaut? Yes Can you imagine what they see every day? I can't imagine that they are feeling even if I’m afraid of flying on an airplane Again 10 points Why are you afraid? I'm afraid the plane will crash

But you constantly fly To America, to Japan, to Europe Where did you fly the longest? Australia 26 hours we flew there Let’s talk about the head coach of Russia’s football team

I saw your video with him What did he tell you? I was with Anna Shcherbakoa and he said – "are you two who mock figure skating?" Why did he say that? Because we jump quads Take dumplings Again 10 points, where is 100? Let me add zero The next task You have to get to know your dog

Get to know your dog In front of you three pictures One of them is your Tina Guess where Number one in the dress

Are you sure? Number two and three are also Chihuahua Yes I'm sure Mine is in dress What is this dress? She went to Channel 1 on the show to Urgant in that dress Do you sew them yourself? I buy some at pet stores, but my designer Olga Ryabenko also sews them They are exactly the same as mine

Sasha explains to which programs dresses are sewn By the way about Unstoppable This music is a challenge to rivals? The coaches offered me this program, I really like it and I think it is suit me Why did you lie down on a board in front of the judges? It shows that I'm tired Movement is based on the words of a song For whom do you like to choose dresses for yourself or for Tina? For myself and for Tina Did you know such an interesting fact that in Kelowna, where you won the Grand Prix stage, plays the hockey team "Kelowna Rockets" with dragon on the emblem? I think it's your fans who disguised themselves like that

Do you know what your fans call themselves? Anna Shcherbakova and I learned what the fans of Alina Zagitova are Zagibots Then Trusobots Well, then let's move on to questions from Trusobots In the end, you will choose the best question and present prize to the author Have you prepared a present? Yes Hi Russia and Sasha Trusova My name is Maria and I am from Bulgaria

Your records have made you famous all over the world, but how are you congratulated in your hometown and where is Ryazan located? Ryazan is located 180 kilometers from Moscow In the ice palaces of my city, hangs posters with me and people whose I know always congratulate me, and sometimes I go there to visit friends I would also like to be friends with the record holder We were friends before I became a record holder These are the most valuable friends

The next question Hi Sasha, we are skaters from Ryazan When will you come to us with the master class? We are waiting for you While I am engaged in figure skating, I do not have time for master classes, and after the end of my career, of course, I will conduct master classes My name is Sian

I noticed that you have never been to China Would you like to take part in competitions in our country on the same day? Love you I will go there as soon as there are competitions in China I like to visit new countries My name is Risan, I'm from Canada

I watched the Grand Prix stage in Canada and you were great How do you psychologically prepare for competitions? Good luck to you I psychologically tune in to all competitions the same way, but I will not tell the subtleties as this is a secret Hi Sasha, we are skaters from Petrozavodsk What is the most difficult cascade you performed in training? 4Lz – 3Lo I am Karen from France

I want to ask if you listen to music before the performance and what kind? I listen to music so as not to hear the emotions and scores of other athletes What kind of music I will not speak either Hi Sasha, I'm Messi I am from China Recently, your parents gave you a poodle

How did you call her, is that a memorable name? Thanks In the passport, her name is Iolanta, but we call her Lana My name is Sofia, I am from Germany Which of skate did you most remember and which was the most successful? I think the most memorable and successful is the free program at the Junior World Championship 2018 Hello everyone, I'm Sergey from Moscow

Sasha, what do you think when you are in first place after a victory? I don’t think about anything, just happy Fine These are all questions from your fans Take the dumpling What do you think the most interesting question was and who will get the prize? What gift did you make? This is a koala toy from Australia Question from Ryazan

Whoever first finds the dumpling with 100 points will win She won here, it's just unbelievable

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