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Alang Ship Breaking Yard Market | Alang Market Travel Guide 2020 | Part-2


So how are my friends Sanjay Dave Gujju in Sanjay Welcome you all once again This is the second part of the forehead If you haven't seen the first part So you are missing very important things In this video we will talk about If you also want to come apart How can you come, where can you stay after coming apart What to eat, what is famous in the side And whenever you come to the alang, to roam around And what is the arrangement for transportation of goods Different timing And whenever you come apart What to take care of We will talk about all these topics in today's video We missed the job in the first part too We will cover all those things in this video Friends whenever you come Then this video will be very important for you If you miss any part of this video Means you are missing important things This video is like the first part we are starting with Trapaj To know all about these details in full Stay connected with me in the video till the end So Gujjunjunjay is on First of all, friends, give this information to you If you want to come alone, how will you come If you reach bhavnagar So you can by private taxi there 1000/1500 or 2000 Will get a taxi If you can bargain then you can get cheap You do not have a private taxi budget Using public transport You will reach Trapaj in empty ₹ 40 If you reach the trap next subtitle coming soon

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