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Aida · Breaking New Ground update


Hello, my name is Aida Banyuls I’m from Barcelona, Spain and I’m currently living in Malabo, which is the capital of Equatorial Guinea

I’m there working among students to start this new group of the student movement there in Malabo, as pioneering, inside the project of Breaking New Ground in IFES I’ve been there for two months now and I’ve been meeting different pastors and leaders from the zone from the different churches there, in order to have their support and start working together with the church Also I’ve been able to meet the students in Malabo I met them individually, but now we’ve been together as a group four times The last meeting we had was World Student Day where we celebrated this special day together as students from different tribes, and we were praying for other movements around the world

We had some worship in the different languages from the country and also we went to the university and we had this prayer walk together inside the campus Also, we were studying Daniel – the book of Daniel, chapter 1, and I was joyful to see how the students were involved in the Bible study, and they want to work in the university, spreading the Word and sharing the gospel with the other students Please pray for the group of students We know that there are other students at the university who are Christians but are not with us yet so pray for them to get involved with us and also we would like you to pray for compromise, as indicated by the students who are already in the group We want to be in the universities soon, so please pray also for permissions and that we can stay there and we can share the gospel with the other students among the university and in the campus in Equatorial Guinea

Source: Youtube

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