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After effect Tutorial | Wall Breaking using Shatter


First step is to make composition Then rename the main composition And then import file The next step is to drag the imported file to the timeline Choose the BG jpg, then press S to show the scale, and then modify the scale Choose the jpg logo, and pre compose rename the logo comp Choose BG jpg, and pre compose Rename BG comp Duplicate the logo comp Create new solid Go to effect & preset, Search fractal noise Put fractal noise into solid layer Modify the fractal type to dynamic, and noise type to block Open transform, and modify the scale to 70 Go to Effect & preset, search colorama Put colorama in tho Layer Modify the output cycle as in the video Put solid layer below logo comp Change track matte to alpha matte Create new solid Put it Solid layer 2 underneath the solid 1 Select all three layers and pre compose Rename it map Create another new solid layer Go to Effect & Preset search fractal noise Put fractal noise into solid layer Modify the contrast to 202 Pre compose it, rename to gradient Put BG Comp on the top layer Go to effect & preset search shatter Put shatter into BG Comp Open shape – Modify pattern to custom Custom shatter map to map Don’t forget to activate the white tiles fixed Open force 1, and then modify strength to 0,05 Radius : 0 Open gradient, modify gradient layer to gradient Move timeline indicator to the 2nd second Create keyframe to radius, strength, and shatter threshold Move 5 frame Forward press U to show the keyframe Then modify the radius to exceed the logo (until there’s a green circle around the logo) Modify strength to 0,01 Then modify shatter threshold to 80% Move the timeline indicator on the 5th second Then modify the shatter threshold to 100 Preview Put timeline indicator in the beginning of keyframe Select strenght keyframe and modify strenght to 3 Open physic, modify viscosity to 0,01 Modify grafity to 10, and gravity inclination to 1 Move keyframe strength to 4 frame ahead Preview Change View to Rendered Deactivate gradient and map Layer Preview Turns out the shatter is still too thick I’ll make the shatter more sheer looking By modifying the extrusion depth to 0,05 Preview Preview Select BG comp, right click – Layer style- choose drop shadow Modify distance to 2 And size 2 Select BG Comp – Right click – Layer style – choose bevel and emboss Preview Create new composition Rename it Final comp Drag main comp to the final comp Modify layer to 3D Move timeline indicator to the 7th sec Open transform to modify Z position to -200 Create keyframe Move backward timeline indicator 0 second Modify Z position to 0 Select both keyframe easy ease them Preview Put timeline indicator to the 2nd sec Press P to show up position Modify the position x and y Move 4 frame forward and modify the x and y position Move 4 frame forward and modify the x and y position Move 8 frame forward and modify the x and y position copy the first keyframe and then paste it in the last keyframe Preview Go to effect & preset search curve Apply curve to the main comp Modify the curve’s RGB to dim it out a bit Preview Render

Source: Youtube

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