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After 7 years of breaking up, he kissed me to remind me he never moved on|ep5-3


Do you want to go up and take a look Buy a balloon for your girlfriend, she is beautiful Thank you You know another word about balloons No matter how high it is, how far it flies As long as the thread is in your hands It will always be by your side You have been in the UK for so many years How many times have you been Not once This is the first time I used to stand far away Look here I'm the same as you I have come to the UK so many times This is my first time come and see what is this I think this goes well with your clothes So i bought it for you Don't you say that the cost is limited? It is important not to affect my taste Put on Thank you The holiday is coming to an end Do you have any regrets I can walk out for a long time Get a gift I'm very satisfied You can tell me Your seven years in the UK How did you all live I have told you the important and meaningful things other things Really not that important sometimes Something to forget I forgot to really start over so From the day we met To the day we date And the day we first kissed So that every day after You forgot, right?

Source: Youtube

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