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Adult Entertainment Podcasts: Would You Listen?


Podcasts are booming and now you can add this new one to the mix for your listening pleasure, Podcast Porn These x-rated recordings are the latest tool people are using for sexual exploration

The claim is that because audio porn doesn't have the visuals, it creates space for imagination, creativity, some say it feels more acceptable, unconditional porn, big Doug (laughter) Dr Batra, what do you think? Well so this is a really new, interesting trend, because these sites primarily are aimed at women, in fact, there's an alternative platform to YouTube, where people can upload their own content, you can like, you can comment on it, and according to one survey, 25% of porn consumers now are women So they're trying to buy into this fact that for us it's a little bit more imagination, we want something a little more subtle, we can visualize whatever's acceptable to us It's a little bit less gross feeling than when you go to a website and you see bouncing body parts and explicit ads

So is there a cross between traditional porn and maybe some of those fantasy books? So I think, I think it's sort of tapping into that, the whole 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon, which really hit a chord Auditory porn, With women So I'm learning something here, that woman are more into that auditory part that leaves more to the imagination Well I think women are more cerebral when it comes to sex, right? That's kind of a known aspect Well tell me, That men are a little bit more visual, I'm putting you on the spot, so this whole theory that 90% of women use mental framing to turn off distracting thoughts, get in the mood, running through fantasies in their head, do you think that that is an accurate statistic? 90% is a really high number Yeah, and that number came out of the Kinsey Institute and I actually probably think that is an accurate number, I think women in general even when you're having sex are probably sort of thinking in your brain, and visualizing and fantasizing, but porn is huge 33

5 billion visits to the top porn site last year, and it's really interesting because there's this whole Reddit community now, that has over 300,000 people, GoneWild Audio, and it's all this audio porn, but I think it's- Do you enjoy the community? How's it, Yeah, you know, as an active subscriber on Reddit, I'll tell you You'll have to show me how to get in The Doctors Twelve years in! (cheering) The prognosis you've prayed for For the first time in public, I wanna see, if she can take a few steps

This is so scary Woo! The treatment you needed You look fabulous! It's the daytime talk show that's been your cure for over a decade (cheering) That is literally taking the lives from their community! I can't believe that this is happening! With the issues affecting your health, right now! It is not housing, it is not economic inequality, it is a health crisis I lied to you, and I lied to you

I have a truth that I'm going to reveal The Doctors, on call, for season 12

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