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Adam, itinakwil si Jia | Love Thy Woman (With Eng Subs)


Papa! Papa! Please wait! Please let me explain Papa

Papa, wait Please, Papa, I'll explain I don't want to see your face ever again! No, Papa, please, just listen From now onyou're not my daughter anymore

Papa, please, no I'm disowning you Papa, please, just let me explain! Let this be the last time we'll see each other! Don't you dare show yourself to me again! Papa, please, give me a chance to explain Please, listen Jia? Jia! – Jia! – Papa, please

Jia Jia, I'm sorry – Please, talk to me – Leave me alone! What are you still doing here?! Let's try to fix this, please We'll talk to them

Papa has disowned me! Don't you understand?! – You're ruining my life! – Look, I'm sorry! Jia! Shut up! Jia Jia Jia, I'm sorry Talk to me, please! Jia! – [HORN HONKING] – [TIRES SCREECHING] Hey, are you trying to kill yourself?! Oh, David, you're– What are you doing? What happened? Who did that to you? It was me I did that to him

And I should've done more I really wanted to kill you then and there Adam, what's going on? I thought you were a decent person I was wrong! You are the lowest of all lowlifes

Source: Youtube

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