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Abe gets into trouble at work | A Soldier's Heart (With Eng Subs)


Okay, but I can't stay long I have to cook later

Bacalso is going to cook? – What? – It's a miracle! Did you hit your head too? Hi, sir You must be new Hi Freshly cooked One serving of vegetables and one cup of rice

– Is there pork in that? – No Here's your rice You can use that table Sir, can I change my food? There's pork in this It's not a lot

I don't eat pork Why? Are you a vegetarian? I'm a Muslim I'll have the fish instead There's ground pork in that You're so fussy

Why don't you eat somewhere else? Don't disrespect him I just told him to go somewhere else because he can't eat anything here You're rude! Ouch! What you did will have consequences Once they find out you were involved in this, you'll be court-martialled and removed from service! I just wanted to help! You want to help? You don't do it this way! You're not thinking like a soldier or a military officer! Fine I made a mistake

But I did it for you! No No, Fonti You did it because you're scared of Victor! I'm sorry, sir I messed up, sir I'll stay out of your way

The next time you need me, I won't come running Don't expect me to help

Source: Youtube

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