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Abe continues his mission | A Soldier's Heart (With Eng Subs)


– Boss – Here

– What's this? – Your cut I don't need this to do my work Kid, I'm impressed with your courage and determination to fight for our cause But we are not heartless leaders We know you need that

– What do I have to do? – It's simple All clear! Transport cargo to a port in the north Make sure to avoid any cops That's it? It's that simple [PHONE LINE RINGING] Positive

These are chemicals in manufacturing bombs Course of action, sir? Proceed with your task You can't blow your cover We don't know where they're taking that cargo We need to know the extent of their plans and their networks

Copy, sir Abe, don't blow your cover Tell me your route so we can assist you in case of trouble Yes, sir Hey

Are you ready? Yes Let's start loading these

Source: Youtube

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