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Aaron Paul on Playing Jesse Pinkman Again in 'El Camino' | MTV News


– I may or may not have stolen some props I honestly wanted to steal one of the El Caminos

Can I still steal one? Yes? Netflix PR just was like, "Yes" She says it's okay, so I'm gonna go home with the El Camino I thought the show ended perfectly I thought what Vince and the writers did, I think they nailed the landing with the series, but when Vince called and sort of floated this idea by me, he told me, "Look, I don't wanna do this "unless it's perfect, so just wanted "to see if you're on board" Cut to seven months later, he calls me and says, "I finished it and I think it's perfect, so do you want in?" And I'm like, "Yes

" I think any fan of the show, any fan of Vince should just trust in his storytelling He's not going to steer you wrong I mean, this is one of his legacies and so he's not gonna tarnish that by just trying to throw out another chapter just to do it He wants to do it for a reason and he did it for a reason – [Man] You ready? – Yeah

– He's a tortured individual that has been through hell and back He's a character that kind of wears his heart on his sleeve And this is sort of a time for him to maybe get some sort of redemption, get some sort of glimmer of hope, and some sort of freedom, but as you can tell, you know, from the end of the series, there's a bumpy road ahead and this is just a glimpse of that bumpy road Bryan changed my life He pretty quickly became one of my best friends, my mentor

I've learned so much from that man I think every cameo in this film is just perfectly placed in a way and not overly done, but to go back to sort of, I guess you could say, the lighter, the lighter days, before a lot of murder happened in these lives So it's not, I mean, I haven't played that guy in a very long time, so I'm so happy that Vince decided to place that scene in this film, during that time I thought it was kind of perfect When I first started doing the show, I had zero money, you know, did not know how I was gonna pay my bills

Vince gave me a career, you know, gave me sort of like a second chance in this business and now, you know, I'm madly in love, married and a little baby girl, and revisiting this character that is in the darkest place possible So it's interesting It's different, but great and exciting

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