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A Truck Hit Jack Breaking His Back in Four Places. He's Now Homeless in Austin.


– [Mark] Jack! – Yes, sir – [Mark] We are here in Austin

We're out here on the streets – Yes, sir – We're on Sixth, the famous avenue Might have to speak up a little bit because of all the music How long have you been out here? – Since 2010

– [Mark] That's a long time – Yup – [Mark] What happened? – I got hit by a trailer that come off a truck Was doin' 45, it broke my back in four places, and broke my ankle So, ever since then, I've been out of work

– [Mark] No disability? – It's been hard I'm even on a list to get it, and I still can't even get approved – [Mark] Oh my gosh, so But didn't your employer? Oh, you weren't employed – Uh uh, I was walking down the street and the lady didn't have no insurance so I couldn't sue her so

– [Mark] Oh my gosh So you just got hit and now with SSI 'Cause you showed me your back – Yeah – [Mark] And you're missing part of your spine or something? – Yeah

– [Mark] And you can't work, but you can't get disability – Well, I can, but it seems like it's taking forever – [Mark] Oh, so it's just being delayed They always deny it the first time – Yeah, it's been like five years though so

– [Mark] Oh my gosh So how do you survive? – Panhandling – [Mark] Panhandling? – Pretty much – [Mark] What's a day like of homelessness here in Austin? – Not very fun – [Mark] No

Where'd you sleep last night? – In front of 7-Eleven – [Mark] Oh my gosh, now why there? – Just 'cause I don't know – [Mark] Is anybody helping you get off the streets? – I'm trying myself, but it's hard I'm trying to file for housing, but it's just hard

– [Mark] What would you want normal people, housed people, to know about homelessness that they probably don't know? – They're just one paycheck away – [Mark] Yeah In your case, just one accident way – Yup, pretty much – [Mark] If you had three wishes, what would they be? – Everybody wouldn't be homeless

That would be my only wish really Nobody– – Nobody homeless – Yeah, there wouldn't be anybody out here having to deal with this This is insane – Great wish

Well, thank you very much for talking to me – Yup No problem (upbeat music) (letters whooshing) (magical tinkling) (graphic whooshing) (magical tinkling)

Source: Youtube

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