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A Russian drone operator encounters a UFO, then must decide what is real and not. | The Occupant


Unbeknownst to the public, a covert military coalition is using nuclear powered drones to lure alien object In an attempt to immobilize and capture them

Mantis drone operator for command center Over This is Major Nikolaev Come in Sir, I believe we've got a nibbler

Are you able to identify the object? Negative sir But it's coming for the bait Excellent, start reeling it in It's biting Accelerate immediately

Make sure it doesn't get too close Start up the electromagnetic pulse Remember your training Sergeant Galkina You're going to do fine Thank you sir

Electromagnetic pulse started Object in range within twenty seconds Make sure the Mantis is out of range before you activate the pulse You don't want to be responsible for crashing a nuclear drone Yes, sir

Mantis has passed the mobile pulse unit I'm getting the drone out of range Ten seconds to sinker Mantis over 1500 meters? 5 seconds Come on Come on What the hell Sir

There's a glitch in the system Sir Sir Come in Sir, we have to activate the pulse now

The object has already passed the pulse location Sir, am I authorized to activate the pulse? I'm activating the pulse, sir! Abort! Sir? Do not activate the electromagnetic pulse Deviate immediately Set course for main base Sir

I'm not authorized to fly the Mantis over the main base It's my responsibility But sir– Sergeant Galkina My orders are not up for discussion Do as you're told

Drop the drone's altitude to 90 feet 4200 meters out, sir That's better, sergeant NO FLY ZONE Sir, I need to understand your plan The Mantis is my responsibility as remote operator

Focus on your work, sergeant You want me to crash a nuclear drone on the base? We've all been evacuated I can't do that I can fly the drone over low, but I'll need to pull up straight after Sergeant Galkina I'm your superior officer and

unless you want to be prosecuted for insubordination you need to follow my ordersand do exactly as I tell you Now drop to 30 feet Don't you want your family to see you again? Descend

NO FLY ZONE Open the door! Who's there? Don't let them in, Sergeant They'll shoot you on sight! Pull up! Pull up! If you pull up now you'll never be able to see your brothers again Never go on holiday with them again Ever This is lieutenant Petrov

I'm under direct orders of Major Nikolaev Sergeant Galkina Maya, little Maya Don't listen to him You'll die a coward and a traitor

CIVILIAN AIRCRAFT Nikolaev IS You did the right thing, sergeant The nuclear drone is intact It crashed, but it's still intact

You saved many lives Sir, why did you order me to crash the Mantis on the base? I didn't It wasn't me you were talking to Maya, trust me I'm just as confused as you are

What happened to the alien object? It crashed But considering what just happened I'm not sure if that's a desirable outcome What do you mean? It was constantly two steps ahead of us

There must be a reason why it allowed us to bring it down There was another aircraftjust before the blackout Sir There has been an unauthorized take-off reported at Syktyvkar

A civilian helicopter How many casualties? Hello? Is anyone there? We've crashed our helicopter an hour west of Syktyvkar This is Danny I'm the sole survivor of a helicopter crash I need immediate assistance

I repeat I need immediate assistance Hello? Is anyone there? Hello, Danny It's good yo hear your voice

Source: Youtube

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