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$93 vs. $27.99: Does JC Caylen Know Cologne Better Than You? | MTV Access


– Let me do this one more time Ooh

– God damn it, bro (coughs) That's enough! – This one smells like– – That is enough, sir! What's going on, y'all? I'm Darren "Big Baby" Brand, and today I got with me – JC Caylen – And you're watching "You Got" Oh! What, that was natural

– You didn't even finish it Served – I like that, you ready? – At it – Let's do it again – Yeah

– You're watching "You Got Served" I've never felt so in tune the way– – This is good – The intro You know what I mean? I don't know if it's 'cause we both got hair, we both beard, we both tatted, you know what I'm saying? I don't know, we're both, like, big bear for the ladies – We're like twins

– We're definitely wintertime men This is the show where we take three versions of two items, right? And we're gonna try to figure out which is the cheapest, the middlest, and the most expensive – All right – All right Now look, tell me about yourself, man

What do you do on YouTube? – Me and my friend, Kian, we make a series– – I've heard of him I heard of him before – Yeah, you did? – Yeah, yeah, yeah, he's a cool dude – He's cream – Don't know his pillows

– Oh, yeah, he doesn't – At all – Not at all I would've got that right, by the way I saw his episode

– Trash on the pillows, hoo – Poor guy – Let down – Now look A pillow is very (bleep) important to me

I think I'm gonna get 100% off the bat – That's what killed me, like– – I would've got the pillows – Oh, I know pillows, pillows is my life – How much is it? – $150 – What the (bleep)? That (bleep) is 100 what? – You still have a job, Tim! So that's why I was like, yo, bring his buddy in

Let me get with bro, you know what I'm saying? – Everyone says I'm the better half – Bet, I mean, we're part of fat boy fall I'm not saying you're fat, but we're a little thick – I'll be fat boy fall – C'mon, man

– All right, bro (Darren laughs) Let's go – We gon' call ourselves Swiss Roll Cake – Swiss Roll Cake I love that

– All right, listen, man, get your blindfold on, let's get started Reach in, what we got? – It's a small bottle of perfume probably, or cologne – You taking cologne? – Can I spray it? – Don't spray it, are you spraying on me? – I don't know where– (Darren coughs) I don't know where I was spritzing – (coughs) Not in my mouth! – It's obviously cologne or perfume – It's definitely cologne

– It's cologne, not perfume It's cologne Does smell good, don't you think? Smell my arm – I'm not gonna smell your arm – So they're trying to confuse us

Because if it was like, if it was a bottle shaped like that – Yeah, they gave you the, you know – So we're gonna have to go basically off smell, no matter what – Off smell And we can't go off presentation or nothing

– We already got this one It's good, athletic but also suave, put your hair back – All right, let me go in – What you think? – It's – It's nice, it's like, suave, it's nice and clean

– Yeah, that's straight – It's pretty basic as well – Somebody walk past, you definitely be like, (sniffs), they aight – Ooh – Ooh

That do something? (JC blows raspberry) Trash? – Oh, yeah Here, you gotta smell my arm now – I don't wanna put it on me if it's bad, but I don't wanna All right, let me see it – It's real spicy

– Give me a little bit of it, don't get it all in there Keep your distance Mm Mm – It's still a spicy– – That's got an old man to it

It got a, I worked 20 years, smell to it – You went the neck, how you gonna smell your neck? – Gonna do a little wipe – You coulda just done it in your shirt – [Darren] I could have, but – Oof

Ugh, not the best, I'll tell you that Damn – Cheapest – You think so? – (coughs) I think so – This is so hard

– All right, we gonna go left smell, right smell, middle smell We're gonna go just like that, ready? Left, go Right Middle Decision, let's do it

– Let me do this one more time Ooh – God damn it, bro – This one's hella cheap, dude – (coughs) That's enough! – This one smells like– – That is enough, sir! Sir! Don't you spray one more spray

– It smells different now Damn, all right, we're gonna have to go with my gut – All right, cheapest – Cheapest Middlest, bougie, biggest, what is it? – Most expensive

– Most expensive – (laughs) How'd you go from cheapest, middlest, to biggest? – The biggest – All right, man, bring the results – I'm scared – You ready? – I have a feeling, you're smiling a little bit

– Black bottle The black one is the cheapest? – Oh, (bleep), damn, really? It does smell bad, but I thought it was because it was like, bougie Bro, I doubt they did that on purpose – (laughs) The black one is $2799

– That's not too bad – That's not bad, but you thought that was the most expensive – I really did, yeah – And it was the cheapest – Yeah

– Clear is the most expensive – Damn, I got 'em all wrong – 93 bucks And the green cologne is $36 – Okay, so it's like this

Wow, who would've thought? Would've thunk? Damn That was really, I legit got none right We legit got, you were with me – Oh, I mean, listen – We got zero right

That one was hard – It was hard as (bleep) You wanna get a chance to redeem yourself? – 100% yes – [Darren] Let's come back into it – Karma

– Listen Double or nothing Replace Tim, we get rid of your bro, replace me I'm your partner We switching partners – That works, that works, I like that

– If you get this right – Okay, 100%, right? I got you – Then we're YouTube bros – Okay, I'm down – Swiss Rolls

– Swiss Rolls for life, all right, let's get it – Game time It's out – It's done? – Yeah, let's reach out, reach out – Now it's ready to bite me? Oh, it's small

– What is it? You got it? – Bro, it's a joint – Shut the (bleep) up (JC laughs) Is it for real? – I think it's a joint – No, it ain't They wouldn't do that, they wouldn't– – Oh, bro, it's a joint

– Is it? – Yeah – Give it to me – That's a joint – That's marijuana – Oh, bro, this is 100%– – [Producer] Don't! No! (lighter flicks) – What are you– – No! – Are you lighting it? (laughs) – Weed! It's not much I want in my life

Free weed, free food – [JC] You got the best job in the world – I mean, do you smoke? – Yeah I smoke – I knew I liked you better than you bro

– Thanks – I knew I did I knew I did, bro – You know what's crazy? – What's up? – Like, he say he's a pillow connoisseur I feel like I'm a weed connoisseur

♪ Hallelujah ♪ – I feel like I'm gonna get this 100% – Bring the mother (bleep) weed out now – Three joints, wow – (laughs) There's only two of us – Hey

– Oh, off the rip, cheapest Look at that See that? You se what's in there? It looks like grass from the yard – (laughs) Lawn clippings – Damn, it'd be different if we could light it, huh? – We'll light it afterwards

– (laughs) But look it, look it in the inside, right? – Yes – I see that – That's dirt (JC laughs) That's dirt, bro We gon' leave this to the side, we not smoking that one

– Okay, all right – Solid Fat Right? – Rock on, yeah – Ooh, yeah, got the baseball, got the baseball, (clicks tongue) factor to it, huh? – Look how big that is

– Way too much Way too much filter – It's a lot, right? This ain't even a joint That's not a joint, look at that filter – Small joint

– That's two inches of filter – That's half of the joint – Yeah And it ain't got no weight to it, it's thin We're here, we're here, we're here

– I don't know, this one kinda smells cheap too, to be honest It doesn't smell too amazing – Let me see – All right And then, but this one's like, really slim

So maybe – Mm – I don't know – You might've convinced me – That's hella slim though

– Hella slim But that's, you know, that's dirt, look at it God, look at that, you see the stems – You're totally right on that one, I feel that I just wanna make sure I get this one right, 'cause I'm gonna look like a fool

– Yeah – Yeah, I feel you on that – Unravel it a little bit just to look at it – That's what I was gonna– – Yeah, let's just take a little look in there to see I don't feel confident about that, bro

I don't feel confident about that at all – Ooh, I don't know – Ooh, now that I got it opened – Yeah? – Open your hand – Oh, wow, look at that

– That's green green – Let me pour a little out It's all sticky, dude Look how sticky that is, look, look, look, look – That is sticky

Ooh, it's sticky icky icky icky icky Wait a minute That was the murder one? – What you thinking? Look it, it moves – Bro, I don't I don't know, bro, I don't know

– It moves – And you know what? (record scratches) No, wait We gonna smoke that, if that is good, we don't wanna waste that – Yeah I feel you, I feel you – Let's keep that

– I'm gonna go ahead and switch it up and do that Least, middlest, most expensive I know, dude, but look at it – (laughs) I know! – You're looking at it, right? – Yeah, it's tearing me apart That is sticky

– Dude, that could be most– – That could be most expensive, it could be! Oh (bleep), what you wanna do? All right, here we go, here we go, here we go, here we go, here we go, here we go, here we go Do you agree? – [JC] It might be – Do you agree? – You know what? Let's go ahead and go with this, yeah – Are we gonna do it? – Most expensive – [Darren] We gonna do it? – Yes

Lawn clippings Sticky icky icky wooka woo woo – All right, let's do it – Middle – Let's do it, let's do it

Oh, listen, oh man, I hope– – We like, switched it up bad – I'ma be so upset if I get this wrong – I know – (bleep) You gotta do it, bro You gotta, I can't do it, you gotta, I can't do it, I can't do it

– (laughs) You can't do it? – I can't do it, I can't do it (laughs) – What if you're wrong? – I don't (bleep) know! What if I'm wrong? – Okay Wow, this is good – I know, right? I'm so (bleep) nervous, bro Don't (bleep)

– I just looked at the prices real quick – I wanna see it, I wanna see it too, I wanna see it too Put it right here, I wanna see it too – Raw tip is the cheap – Bam, let's go

– No, no, no, no, no $699, white tip, cheapest – They got us with the bulky (bleep) White tip $6

99 – [JC] Raw tip – [Both] $999 Beige tip

– Which we thought was dirt, $2499 – 'Til we opened it – 'Til we opened it – 'Til we opened it

– 'Cause we know – We know – [JC] That was a close one – I smoke high grade, so I should know the most expensive – Yeah

– So once we opened it, I felt good – Yeah, yeah – Hey, stop, we're gonna – Oh, true, true (laughs) – Why you continue to waste the good weed? Are you high? I'm glad we got at least one right

– Yeah, the most important one – Yeah, yeah, yeah – Yeah – It was a good episode – Very good

– Solid – Yeah – You're all right with me, bro You're all right with me, man – Yeah? – Swiss Roll

– Swiss Roll – We out this bitch – Peace If you guys wanna watch more episodes, make sure you click on the screen wherever it's at And check it out

– It's over here – It's over there? – Yes – Click over there What's over here? – Nothing – Well, there you have it, folks

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