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90 day Fiance Mike & Natalie separated or? Breaking down their relationship.


90-day fiance is testament to, love can be found despite geographic, religion and language barriers Born and raised in the United States, Mike also found love with Natalie from Ukraine, Kyiv

The couple together is the subject of the TLC reality show “90-day fiance” Mike has been in a relationship for years with his fiancee Natalie, who is religious and visits church every week, The couple is yet to go one step further and tie the knot Mike visited her in Ukraine although Natalie tried to get closer to him in the US she could not afford as her K-1 visa got rejected Now some shocking details about their relationship have emerged suggesting Mike and Natalie might as well be heading to separation

Are Mike and Natalie actually separated? In season 7 of 90-day fiance, the couple threw a huge fit First when asked If Natalie loved Mike She had mixed answers saying she doesn't love him anymore but conceded having feelings that can grow “I have feelings that will grow to love If we work on it, it will grow to love I’m a woman, I’m OK not to be sure

I think I’m OK because women are not sure usually It’s OK, and it would be a lie from my side to say, ‘I love him’” More, Natalie threw her engagement ring in Mike’s suitcase who was in Ukraine to sort out her visa problem After Mike returned to the US viewers were presented with another twist

Whatever happened, Natalie hinted Mike cheated on her with a married woman In answer, Mike denied and the incident happened a year ago and he was there only as the best man for her wedding As the season ended sour, viewers were the ones left with confusion about their relationship After the season 7 ended Mike was spotted picking Natalie up from the airport alongside the TLC crew He also appeared to have flowers in hand

For now, Mike and Natalie are still together and working out their relationship For more updates press the bell icon

Source: Youtube

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