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8 Things To Avoid When You're Breaking Out! | Acne, Blackheads, Oily Skin |Chris Gibson


well hey everybody welcome to skincare with Chris Gibson if you're new I'm Chris I am your skincare expert and I am here to help you get the very best skin ever and on this channel we talk about skin care products skin care problems we fix those skin care guru skin care routines just anything you could think of that skin care so if that's your thing be sure to hit the subscribe button and the little notification bell so you don't miss my videos when they come up each week okay eight things to avoid when you're having a breakout if you're fighting acne breakouts and you're doing any of the eight things that I'm about to tell you you actually could be making your acne worse holy shit right well I'm gonna give you the eight common things that you might be doing that keep your breakouts going in under eight minutes so start the clock okay mistake number one is applying spot treater all over your face all of the time spot treaters are designed for a bump not a breakout and even though I talk about them all the time on this channel and I love them very much they don't really do a great job as an overall product on your face and in fact they're formulated with a high concentration of ingredients so they're really really too strong for that purpose so remember a spot treater for spots not for all over your face and mistake number two is only using your acne products when you have acne breakouts instead of using them all the time if you're waiting until the tell-tale signs show up like little bumps start showing up on your skin or you know that it's a certain time of the month or you have acne prone skin all the time waiting doesn't give them a chance to do the job that they're designed to do it's sort of like chasing your tail and it's too late to be effective you really need a skincare routine that reduces the amount of bacteria on your skin lowers oil production and exfoliates the skin on a regular basis that way your products like your acne face wash or your moisturizing creams that have benzoyl peroxide or glycolic acid in them have a chance to work on an ongoing basis they keep acne at bay and that leaves me to mistake number three which is over exfoliating and what i mean by that is using harsh scrubs we want to do something gentle to the skin acne is an inflammation condition we don't want to inflame it more we're not scrubbing a pan which instead of using like harsh scrubs you want to opt for things like a buff puff sponge which is a daily gentle exfoliation sponge you can use on your face or use some sort of gentle cream like an aah eh that's 10% that helps speed up the natural process of exfoliation on your skin that's gonna keep pores empty and that's gonna keep acne at bay now the mistake number four oh my god wait a minute that's four we're halfway through I think I might actually make this work well mistake number four I know we want to come at our acne breakouts put on B's right we want to just take them out well that sometimes leads us to making choices of using products that are really too strong or overusing them and overusing products with benzoyl peroxide salicylic acid things like that in them can be really irritating to your skin and actually make your acne worse even things like glycolic acids which are designed to help speed up turnover if they're too strong they can be a problem so you want to keep your Ajay's around 10% and a good product for that would be something like alpha Skincare's 10% cream back it up speed up that turnover without irritating your skin and if you're using benzoyl peroxide you want to definitely keep that under 10% it's better to use a product like Paula's choice which is 25% benzoyl peroxide cream that's gonna keep that acne from reforming and keep acne bacteria at a minimum on your skin and that's gonna lead to less breakouts now the next nono is picking at your zits we don't want to do that because we don't want to create scars that's the number one reason now you can't use a product like an extraction tool and there are many of those out there I'll put a link to several in the video description box that's okay to use an extraction tool and use it correctly we don't want to push prod poke those with your fingers and try to push them out because what you're gonna end up doing is pushing that acne bacteria and infection that material infection back down further into the pore which can push off the skin underneath damage the collagen and leave you with a pock mark and nobody wants to have you have an acne scar okay this next mistake is a huge pet peeve of mine and that is believing every crazy thing skin zapping hack that you see on Instagram or even here on Gerald YouTube and believe me there's some really crazy shit out there stuff like toothpaste no no toothpaste can be really irritating it's got peppermint oil in it even crazier things like applying glue to your skin to remove blackheads duct tape turmeric none of that stuff works stick to a good solid routine and if you don't have a good no worries I'm gonna have that video for you up at the end of this one and I'm also gonna put that link in the video description box on got you covered next up is not using your acne face wash properly these face washers are formulated to help your skin and they can go a long way to do that but putting it on your face and rinsing it right back off doesn't even give it time to work so what you want to do is to make sure that your acne face wash whether it's salicylic acid or glycolic base or whatever you're using that it stays on the skin for at least a minute or two so try to time massaging the face wash into your skin for cleansing for at least one to two minutes before you rinse it off if you do that you give your face wash a super good chance of helping you reduce all of your breakouts all of the time and finally number eight which is great because I'm making 8 under 8 happen today is moisturizer and that's not moisturizing your skin after you cleanse it you need an oil-free water based cleanser something like Neutrogena is hydraboost which I highly recommend if you have acne breakouts or sensitive skin it's a great product it's oil-free it's gonna do a good job it's going to help your skin stay pH balanced which means less acne bacteria can happen and it's also going to keep it hydrated which means your skin has to produce less of the oil that the acne bacteria actually likes that's what causes the breakouts so be sure and remember and stay aware of these 8 great tips that you just got in under 8 minutes let me know in the comments below what's working for you what's not working for you if this video was helpful and what else you'd like to see now I am gonna put that video right over here that will tell you how to get the best skin care routine for you thank you so much for watching I love you guys stay beautiful and I'll see you over on the next video

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