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7 Unexpected Front Runner Eliminations | Ranked: The Challenge


– All right, Brad, you have one point, one more, you're in the finals Landon, you need this one to stay in the game

Landon, you ready? – Yeah – Brad, you ready? Go (upbeat music) Get back in the circle Get in the circle, get in the circle – We're faster that way, right? – Yeah, I'll go with you

– You can beat the girls on that team, right? – Yeah (upbeat music) – I'm paired up with Katy for the swim and I'm pretty confident we're not gonna be in any trouble here I know there's other people in the house which are worse swimmers than her, so all she needs to do is go faster than the slowest person – Kayleigh's really, really struggling, and therefore my best friend is struggling and he might be about to get cut – You have to push yourself

– Come on, Britt – We are still waiting for Kayleigh to get back I have never seen somebody swim with so little intensity I'm like, dude, we're in a challenge, let's go – She's done, she's done, she's done

(upbeat music) – It's so hard to gauge who has come last, who is where because everyone set off at different times and we've just gotta wait and pray we're not last – The pair that swims the slowest is gone – If I get sent home because of someone else's ability because they can't swim, I'll be generally gutted – It's Joss and Kayleigh (beep) – What in the (beep)? (beep) – Oh, my God

– I'm in shock How are we as slow as Cam and Leroy, they can't swim? – All right, so take care, you guys (beep) – You're still here, right? (upbeat music) – I'm so sorry, Joss I'm feeling super disappointed I've let Joss down and unfortunately lost our place in the game, but the only thing I can do is get better at swimming and come back stronger

– Karma is mother effin' bitch because Georgia would have kicked everyone's butt in this swim She would have crushed this, but you decided to protect Kayleigh? – Joss, you let Kayleigh poke into your team again You (beep) up, you (beep), you (beep) up, I trusted you, it's disgusting – Joss, that's what you get, that's what you get for protecting somebody who can't perform – I felt like I went a lot faster than that

– Rogan, please bring this home You're the last British standing in the whole game and we've torn each other apart All the (beep) best players on our team saw elimination (upbeat music) Theo, me, Jenny, Georgia I would have loved to swim with Jenny or Georgia today

– You have a powerhouse of a team, Tony and Johnny Bananas going up against the true underdog team this season Natalie and Paulie, tonight is gonna be one epic elimination – Okay, man, yep – For me to give us a shot, I've gotta eat everything on the table, I just hope Paulie taps out – I would squirt milk in my eyes straight out of a cow teet at this point for $1 million, so, no, I'm not scared about the spilled milk

I'm scared about some tiny little vertically challenged Venezuelan holding their arms up for longer than me, that's what I'm scared of – I'm just getting nervous – You'll be all right, just get your head in the game Delicious milk and cookies – Yes, yummy

– All I know is I'm going against the human garbage disposal known as Tony – I don't think that I can hold my arms for that long, okay? You better eat those cookies and drink that milk so quick – I'm a competitor and we're going against the best team here, I wanna beat him just for that reason I wanna put that notch on my rookie belt – Yep

– [TJ] Okay, let's get you both, all players on the platform, arms up (upbeat music) Three, two, one (honking noise) (upbeat music) Keep your hands up, guys – If you've ever let milk go bad in a fridge and opened it and smelled it, now think about drinking that It is the most disgusting thing I have ever put in my mouth

(upbeat music) – The way they're drinking this, they have to glug it You can see the chunks in this milk as they're eating it This is revolting – There you go, Tony, there you go, Tony if you've gotta vomit, make the move

– Yo, I'm fillin' 'em up, huh? – In the final, I would love for Johnny and Tony to run it with us, I think they're deserving and Tony has put on a few pounds, so he might be the best person when it comes to endurance, and any kind of leg up that I could have on the competition, that would be beneficial This is gonna be all about you, Johnny ♪ Don't wanna live as an untold story ♪ – I'm not watching Paulie and Tony eat I'm just staying zoned in, focused and concentrated on not dropping my arms I will stay up as long as I need to

♪ I wanna taste love and pain ♪ ♪ I wanna feel pride and shame ♪ ♪ I don't wanna take my time ♪ (upbeat music) – Hey, that was Robyn ♪ It could've been me ♪ ♪ It could've been me ♪ ♪ It could've been me ♪ (whooshing noises) – [Woman] Oh, there it goes, let it all come out – Jesus Christ – Wow, I feel so much better (laughing) (upbeat music) – This guy, Paulie, is also a psychopath

I'm impressed, dude I didn't think he would be able to hang with me, man, but you (beep) are going home if I've got anything to do about I'm never gonna stop – Me neither – They're never gonna stop

(laughing) – Donnie – I'm just trying to convince myself that whatever pain I'm in, Natalie, is experiencing the exact same kind of pain Although, every time I look over at her, it looks like it's not even bothering her – Hey, Paulie, would you be pissed if I go over there and tickle Natalie right now? Natalie, it's over, I've had like 20 cups, stop torturing yourself (whooshing noise) – Seeing Paulie throw up so much is surprisingly motivating me to keep my arms up because I don't wanna let him down, we're both in extreme pain

– It's almost as if I can feel it in the air that tonight is mine and Natalie's night and we're punching our ticket to this final (upbeat music) – [Woman] That's it, finish it and you're done (upbeat music) – Natalie, it's on you, baby All night, you've got this, I'm finished (upbeat music) – Tony

– Good job, Tony – You guys, it's down to you too – I'm caught in the middle of two teams that were the only two teams that I ever really had in this whole game, but Johnny and Tony would be a tough team in the final, so I'm kind of worried about Natalie here – All right, guys, Tony and Paulie have finished all of the milk and cookies that we had in South Africa, so now it comes down to who can last longer, Bananas or Natalie – The pain begins to get unimaginable

It's not just my shoulders that are killing me, it's essentially my entire body This is all you, baby, laser focus (upbeat music) – I'm not putting my money on anybody because Bananas and Natalie look like actual statues This is gonna be a long night (upbeat music) ♪ 'Cause I won't go down without a fight

♪ – This is incredible, we've gotta be here for two hours at least – Arma gettin' tired (laughing) – All night, Natalie, mind over matter, $1 million on the line, this is on you (upbeat music) Laser focus, baby – These two are so damn stubborn that even standing next to each other this close, they still have nothing to say to each other

It's a crazy relationship, I don't know what they have but it keeps things entertaining – Guys, it's been over four hours You guys are completely killing it We'll be here all night long, I'm loving it – Natalie and I are just standing here suffering in silence

I'm just trying to not be in this moment, I'm trying to do anything and everything that I can to ignore this pain My entire back is essentially in one big cramp – It's been five hours, guys, five hours (upbeat music) – I just keep thinking about my past, my present, and where I wanna be in my future and I'm letting everything motivate me, and I'm not letting my arms drop no matter what – Five and half hours, you guys are setting records, but I'm gonna need you both to turn around

That'll tighten up your socket and make it even more difficult – Good job (upbeat music) I think everyone underestimated the stubbornness of Natalie and myself, and essentially what this has now become is a battle of wills between me and her (upbeat music) I see the look in his eyes, I see the look in Tony's eyes, they know they're (beep), just fall, you (beep) fall, fall, fall, (beep) fall (upbeat music) This bucket that just got dumped on my head is essentially my entire challenge season being dumped on my head

It's just that moment of realization where it's over and you realize it's over and it was just a culmination of (beep) – All right, Natalie and Paulie, you guys went to the final (upbeat music) – We made it to the final, we made it to the final, let's go – I'm in disbelief, Natalie and I just pulled off the hugest win of the season so far I am officially in the final as a rookie, that's a huge accomplishment

The only other thing left to do is win this bitch (upbeat music) (beep) way to go out, you never wanna find yourself in the last elimination I ran into an immovable Venezuelan object, the only human being I've ever met that's as stubborn as I am, and I had to stand next to her for five hours (upbeat music) I am having the worst back spasm that I've ever had in my entire, life, dude, I literally can't stand up We came in here with vendettas and we had a past just like that, and the (beep) that we've been through together is like, I'm happy to call this man my friend again

That's all right – No, don't be, dude Don't be, you give it everything you've got (beep) (upbeat music) – All right, girls, you ready? Go – Come on, Laurel, use all the slack

Babe, use your hands Good, come on, girl Come on, keep going, focus – The best way to do this is I have to carry this rope with me because otherwise I'm gonna get tangled up and I'm gonna leave too much slack and it's gonna be easy for Laurel to undo it – Yes, Laurel, yes

– She's taking the whole rope – Breathe – This rope is no joke It just takes a lot of strength – Come on, babe

– Camila looks like Mighty Mouse right now because this rope is at least 100 times bigger than her (upbeat music) There is absolutely no way, no shot of me just carrying this rope I need to take a step back and reset – Okay, go – Come on, Laurel

– [Man] Keep going, there you go To me, this is a long time – [Cory] Laurel's got her strategy down, using all her strength, wrapping this rope in and out, in and out Camila got herself tangled up and now she has to deal with it Hey, after you get this, you've gotta move

– Good job, Laurel – Wrap that (beep) like a present – Come on, Laurel, here we go, baby girl – [Man] Keep going, keep going, you've gotta move fast though – It doesn't matter how bad it looks for you, until that horn is blown, you don't stop, you don't quit, you just gotta keep going

– [Man] Start going up (upbeat music) Keep going, there you go, come on Oh, my God, Laurel is beasting right now Camila, she's a very little girl so it's kinda hard for her (upbeat music) – [Man] Drop through to the ground and then use your arms

– [Woman] Go in and out – You're making it harder up top – There you go – It looks like Camila's rope is not tangled up really at all, so I'm thinking that means that I won't have much to do over there – [Man] Drop to the ground, all the way to the ground, put your feet on the ground

– You've gotta go all the way to the floor – Now use your arms and go There it is, go – [Man] Start rapping as much as you can – Yes

(upbeat music) – There you go – No, go all the way down to the other side, just go all the way– – Yeah, go all the way down and just pull it Pull it, pull it – There you go, start pulling – Yes, now

– One minute – Come on, Laurel – You guys got one minute – [Woman] Laurel, use everything you've got – [TJ] One minute, let's go, let's go, you've gotta move, you've gotta move

Yep, more slack – [Woman] Keep going, just try to get yourself more slack – You've gotta move – [Man] Everything you've got, Laurel (honking noise) – All right, good job, guys

– Good job, girls – [Man] Now it's time to switch (applause) – Good job, you Know that rope's heavy – Go ahead and un-clip yourself and trade places – Good job, girls, come on

(applause) – [Man] Come on, let's go, ladies – Quite honestly, I think Laurel's gonna have no problem tangling my ropes, let's just hope that she (beep) up somehow because I really wanna win this – Speed, strength, speed, strength, that's what I need in order to get this done (upbeat music) – All right, girls, you ready? Go (honking noise) – Let's go, you gotta go, you gotta go

– Remember, the first one's a knot, use your slack – Nicole – [Darrell] Nicole trying to help Laura out is actually distracting her more than helping her Unless we ask for it, leave us the (beep) alone Good, let your body do the work

(upbeat music) Bring it with you, let's go, let's go – [Man] There you go, Laura – [Man] There you go, there you go, come on – Come on – Keep pulling it

– Come on – Yeah, keep pulling it all the way through There you go, carry that with you Hey, you're close, you have to go – [Woman] Come on Laurel, you've got it

– Use that body weight – Don't stop, go to the top and pull it – Yep, yep (upbeat music) (beep) – You've got this, come on – I can't untangle it

(upbeat music) (beep) Looking at my opponent is motivation Laurel's doing better than me, so get your (beep) together, Camila, because you've gotta do better than her – [Man] Camila, go down, get down and bring the rope all the way to the other side That's your only shot – Let's go, entire race, keep going

– Keep going – Real tight Keep going, you're right there – [Man] Don't give up, come on – You're both right there

– [Man] There you go, slide through this and you've got it, come on There you go, keep going over there (upbeat music) It's real, real tight It's all coming down to the last little minute This is a race, girls, get it done

(upbeat music) – [Man] Yep, keep going, keep going (upbeat music) Come on, Camila, push it again, come on (upbeat music) – [Man] Don't give up, girls, let's go – [Man] Almost there, girls, you're almost there, neck and neck (upbeat music) – I am not focused and I know that if I do not pay more attention to what I'm doing and try harder, I'm going to lose

– [Man] She's knotted up, there you go – Come on, Laurel – [Man] Keep going, keep fighting – Laurel, you gotta move – Keep going

– [Man] Here it is, drop to this side and go Drop to this side and go, you've gotta pull Right now, let's go, let's go There it is, come on – [Woman] Laurel, keep going

– [Man] There it is, let's go Get that through let's go, get it through (upbeat music) Almost there, all you've gotta do is control the breathing and you're good – [Man] You'll get it, you're good Get it over, come on

Tears of joy (applause) (honking noise) – Tears of joy, tears of joy – Good job, ladies – Good job, ladies (applause) – Great job

(upbeat music) – My first loss ever, I got tangled up a little bit, lost my focus and then I kinda just gave up and I hate saying that I feel so bad for Nicole, she definitely does not want me to leave I think that me not being there will give her all the more incentive to focus on what she needs to do in order to finish first place (crying) – I feel (beep) amazing, I'm going to the finals, it's been a while and (beep), man, that was hard I've lost to Laurel two times and she's unbeatable until today, so I'm proud of myself and I'm very excited to take this final home now

– All right, everybody, welcome to the final duel Tonight, we're gonna have a male and a female duel, so first up is the guys, so I need CT and Brad, come on in – Come on, guys – Come on, Brad – [TJ] You're on this side over here, Brad

All right, CT, Brad, you guys tonight are gonna be playing Push Me As you guys have seen this game before, when I say go, you guys are gonna push that pole as hard as you can and try to retrieve that flag in the middle When you reach that flag, you're gonna unhook the carbineer, you're disqualified if you rip the flag off, so unhook the carbineer and whoever does this without ripping the flag will win tonight's duel, stay in the game and receive this T-Mobile Sidekick 3, but more importantly, you're gonna be staying in the game, going straight to the finals for 150 Gs Let's just get this done Both of you guys are great competitors

It's been a pleasure for sure no matter what happens, all right? So, good luck, guys, let's go – This is as ready as you can possibly be for something like this I'm give it everything I have, absolutely everything I have and that's all you can do – These poles are my whole focus right now He's a bone rag, he's got no legs, so I picked Push Me, I've got more stamina, I'm bigger, I'm stronger, it's just a matter of time before he quits

(upbeat music) – [TJ] All right, guys, get ready, get set, go (upbeat music) – [Brad] CT's freakin' out screaming, oh, you're burnt and done, and I'm just sitting there getting pissed and I just start shaking the pipe as hard as I can because all I can do is defend him from the carbineer at this point (upbeat music) – I got it, I got it, I got it (upbeat music) I got it, I got it, I got it – Dude, you had it

– You would've had it I didn't rip it, I didn't rip it off, it's still on here – He ripped it off – I see it as clear as day, CT reaches down, grabs the flag and the carbineer, and instead of unhooking the carbineer, rips the flag out out of the ground – Oh, my God, you've gotta be (beep) kidding me, that's bull, you know it's bull

You can't stop me, that's not the way you're gonna beat me, that's bull That's not a win, that's not a win I'm the best in here and all you know it You lost to me fair and square and you should just go home, bro – I didn't (beep) make that call and that's in the rules

Why are you yelling at me right now? – CT is literally stomping around like a little kid who was not given a (beep) sucker at lunch time – It's like you want him to win – He's a lowlife and needs to be kicked off this thing – That's a weak win, man, you know it's weak – Bro, I said go for the carbineer only

– I went for the carbineer – All right, you went for it, but it didn't work out for you, bro, handle it – Don't get even get involved, it's enough – Shut the (beep) up, what are you gonna do? You're a little punk – No cheap shots

– Why don't you grow up, shut the (beep) up, you know you're going home, shut the (beep) – This is where it's game time I've dominated the regular season, this is the playoffs and I've got the championship right in front of me I'm the best competitor here Everybody else needs to be worried about how fast I do this

– All right, Paulie, are you ready? (honking noise) – Go, baby (upbeat music) – I dove in head first, style points? Maybe, smart decision? Definitely not – Yeah, baby, come on You're there This is it just climb as fast as you can, baby, as fast as you can, get up

– [Man] Man down, man down – [Woman] Didn't know that was a factor Okay, now we know it's a weird net (upbeat music) – [Woman] No hesitation, baby, you've got it – Come on, Paulie

– You're to the top (upbeat music) You're killing it, baby (splashing noise) – Oh, my God, that's hard – Paulie just showed how not to swing across that rope today – [Woman] Go, baby, it's okay, get up

– I hit the water hard, I'm freezing, I can't feel my body, my forearms aren't working right now – [Woman] Come on, Paulie, pull yourself up (upbeat music) You want that final, that's what you came for, put that ball up One foot up, one foot up, it's those feet, stand up, you have strong legs, you're strong – Don't jump, it will drop, don't jump, just swing

(upbeat music) – It's okay, baby, keep pushing If it's hard for you, it's gonna be hard for everybody – It's just tough to watch because he's starting to freeze down there and he's obviously in pain It is not the way that you wanna see something like this start out – [Woman] You've got this, Paulie, you've got it

(screaming) You've gotta keep going, you're going $750,000 My biggest concern is what's going on in Paulie's head I'm worried that because he missed it two times he might be freaking himself out, and all I can do is cheer him from the sides and just say, "Paulie, you have this, you have to keep going" – All right, Pualie, you've got 10 minutes You've got 10 minutes to finish, bro

Don't quit, you can do it – [Woman] Pull up with your hands, stand the (beep) up on those legs, you're strong Come on, Paulie, keep breathing – [Man] Like this, like this, perfect (upbeat music) – [Woman] Hold onto that knot when you're ready

(upbeat music) Thank God (upbeat music) He needs to go back down and up again – At this point, my body's frozen, my fingers are numb, my feet are numb, but maybe if I can get this ring across, I still got a shot at this – [Man] You can do it – [Woman] Run, baby, this is it, run

(upbeat music) – Here we go – Last time – [Man] Maybe this challenge is harder than we all initially expected because the dude is a pretty fierce competitor, and if he looks that bad doing it, then I don't know, I don't know (upbeat music) – Grab onto that rope like you're grabbing onto the money (upbeat music) Those toes

– Give it everything you've got – Go, like this, go, go – [Man] Everything you've got for the last one – I think I have a grip and my body just seizing up from shaking from how cold I am I'm seeing my perfect season fall through my fingertips literally

– [Man] Everything you've got, the last one, you've got it – Finish it out, babe, you're almost there (upbeat music) (splashing noise) Oh, my God, baby My heart sinks, it's terrifying to see a fall like that and it's just killing me that there's nothing I can do to help him (upbeat music) (screaming) I can't watch this anymore

(upbeat music) – This is one of the most defeating moments of my life The only thing that is keeping me from staying in that water is my own will and desire and pride – [TJ] Two more minutes, get it done – He's screaming in pain, and to watch a man who's so strong and such a fierce competitor look so helpless is awful for everyone here – [Woman] Scream through it, Paulie, just scream through it

(honking noise) – All right, Paulie, that's it, times up – [Woman] I love you, baby, you never quit, you were all heart (upbeat music) – Part of me is happy because now we've just gotta go slow and get it done, but part of me is like– – [Man] It's terrible to watch – Terrible to watch We originally thought that this was gonna come down to seconds as to who is going to lose, and now it changes the entire dynamic of what the rest of the guys have to which is essentially just complete it, and Paulie goes home

– I love you, baby, will you miss me? All I needed was for one more person to fall Dude, it's (beep) bad – You're gonna have this chance again and nobody's gonna beat you – After everything we've been through all season, I shouldn't have rushed it I (beep) that up so bad

(crying) – Paulie, big upset, you couldn't get it done This ends your time here on the challenge, my friend (applause) – I've eliminated all of my enemies, I've protected my girlfriend, I made it here The $750,000 was right there, I tasted it I tasted it and all I have to do is make it to the final and I failed

(upbeat music) – I've been through four gauntlets already, I've gone four and oh and now I'm going in another final men's gauntlet against Timmy and I'm praying that I don't lose – All right, veterans, it comes down to this Are you guys ready? Go (upbeat music) – Go, go, Teddy (upbeat music) – No

(screaming) (upbeat music) – All right, Timmy, you're the new team captain Congratulations, good job today Derrick, there's no words – Good job, Derrick (applause) – You went out like a champion and a captain, and on your own terms

So, that's it, you've got 20 minutes to get your stuff and you're a champion, man Good job, good try (upbeat music) Welcome, everybody, to the final duel (applause) As we all know, Landon and Diem, they're in the duel no matter what, so we need to find out who they're gonna be challenging in the duel We'll start off with Landon

Who do you wanna take into the duel with you? – Brad – All right, Brad, come on down Today you're playing Back Off Each player's gonna start inside this circle with a hook attached to your back There's also a ring suspended behind each player

Your goal is to retrieve that hook and attach it to that ring The first player to do this twice wins today's duel, you'll receive this Kicker IK-500 MP3 docking station, but more importantly, whoever wins today's duels is automatically getting paid, the loser goes home empty-handed You guys came too far to let that happen, all right? (upbeat music) – I am so wound up right now, I can't stand myself I've got a lot of adrenaline going through me right now It's like, today's duel is for $100,000

– Come on, boys (upbeat music) – I'm planning on putting everything I have into this My fiance went home and I'm trying to win this money for us and I'm trying to win this challenge for myself, so I'm getting it done – All right, Landon, you ready? – Yeah – All right, Brad, you ready? Go

(honking noise) (upbeat music) – Get it, get it, go to the circle (upbeat music) – I end up grabbing his hook, Landon, as I'm going to put it onto my ring, he's going for my body – Landon, you've got his ring, you've gotta go – Landon's not supposed to be tackling me at this point That's not the game today

(honking noise) – That's bull (beep) – You've gotta go for his ring, bro, you've gotta hook it to the ring, dude – That's right – Yeah, you don't know the rules of the game? – TJ said before, once you have the hook, you must go for your ring Obviously it's not a wrestling match, you get the hook, you put it on the other person's ring, period

– All right, Brad, you have one point, one more, you're in the finals Landon, you need this one to stay in the game Landon, you ready? – Yeah – Brad, you ready? Go (honking noise) (upbeat music) Get back in the circle, get in the circle, get in the circle, boys

You've gotta grab him from the hook In the circle, boys, in the circle (upbeat music) – Let's go, boys, come on, right now, let's go – All right, so, Brad, you have one point, Landon, you have one point Whoever gets this point wins the duel goes to the finals

– It's all coming down to one point We're both fired up, going into this knowing that this is for everything – Landon, you ready? – Yeah – Brad, you ready? Go (honking noise) (upbeat music) – Don't you dare, don't you dare

(screaming) – Go for the ring, go for the ring, Brad (upbeat music) – He got it – He got it – I got it, I got it – Brad pulls out this tricky little move that he just knocks Landon's ring and goes flying all over the place

He gets a little discombobulated and loses – I should've been able to clip that on there and that's the hardest part of this is knowing that the game is in your hands It's not easy, it sucks, it really, really sucks – All right, Brad, well, they're not gonna give it to you for free You've got some war wounds, man

Go ahead and rejoin the group, you're in the finals, congratulations, great job – I'm gonna be really honest, part of me is feeling bad for Landon At the same time, it's a game that we play, not only am I guaranteed $15,000, but I have a much better shot at 100 – [TJ] All right, Landon, unfortunately this ends your time here in New Zealand, but there's never been a classier player on the Duel, so good job, man, for that, so everybody go ahead and say your goodbyes to Landon – I think the hardest thing for me right now is the fact that it felt like I was the best one here

After winning more than half of the challenges, I felt like I deserved to be in the finals, and I blew it, but when I look back on what I got here, there is really nothing better because if I would've have been at home, I would have never have gotten this experience, and for that, I'm grateful

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