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6LACK on Battling Young Thug & Balancing Touring and Fatherhood | MTV News


– It's a lot of real life (bleep) that I give to people bro, I'm giving people front row seats to (bleep) I get in trouble for talking about "Why would you tell the world this?" It's like, I gotta tell the truth, bro, and this is my honesty

This is my vehicle This is what I gotta do – It's a pleasure, man What is your pre-show ritual? – I actually don't really have a pre-show ritual anymore When I first started, I needed a certain thing in order to perform, but nowadays, I'm chillin', relaxin'

We kind of make it so the band has a room, I have a room If I want to converse and politic and laugh it up, then I do that If I need a second to myself, I step away, but other than that, the only thing I do every day before I perform is pray right before I go on stage I take my kneel right before I walk on stage, say my words, and that's it – That's dope, man

One thing I love about your whole aesthetic is that nothing is contrived Everything is authentic, and I feel like a lot of times today, artists have to do press runs, have to think about image, how to be in some new story so we're always talking about them How are you able to build this type of fan base, this type of relevancy in music culture without all of the frivolous things around it? – I guess just by reminding people every step of the way that I'm just a regular person, in a sense where I'm a regular person in my relationships, I'm a regular person in my everyday life I don't aspire to be outlandish or do anything crazy It's just, I want to live my life

I want to be happy I want to love, and from that, I think people just kind of gravitate towards it, because it's a lot of people who just want to have a good life and that's it – That's what's up, man Speaking of life, love, relationships, 'East Atlanta Love Letter', I see you with your daughter on the cover It came out a little while back, but we heard the growth of you talking about relationships, and then now, those problems and situations have evolved

How have you been able to balance being a father, beautiful thing, congratulations, – Thank you – with the intense schedule of touring? – It's rocky at first You have to figure it out, so the beginning phase was having to tour so much and not knowing when I was gonna be home and missing pivotal moments in my kid growing up, and then finally getting to a point where you have leverage, and you can be like, well, cancel that tour because my baby's growing up, and I need to be there for her, so you figure it out along the way Recently it's been easier I just spent like a whole month with her, and every single day, we had our own routine

We did whatever we wanted to do– whatever she wanted to do And now I'm just back in work mode, so– – You had to miss the birth – Yeah, I was in Santa Ana, and just got the call I already knew months before we had that show that I was like, that looks a little close to due date I'm like, if I miss this show, it's gonna be hell to pay

(laughs) And I said that, and next thing you know, I was getting ready to go on stage, and I got the call, and I was like, I told ya'll, bro I literally told y'all So it's something like one of those things you forgive yourself for over time Being a parent, it's a lot of (bleep) that you stack up against yourself and think about, and overthink It's just like, bro, you were working for her, so don't think about it

– Yeah, man Last thing What I love about your rise is how you've evolved as a musician People wouldn't know, well, now they know, that you started as a battle rapper You know what I'm saying? And that footage leaked of you and Young Thug going at it

I wouldn't have expected to see a Young Thug battling 6LACK First, tell me about that situation How did that come about, and then also, I feel like when we talk about "real" hip-hop and "real" R&B, we don't give the new generation of artists enough credit for building upon that coaching – Yeah, now, for the content, because it's the content in current day R&B music, and hip-hop in general If you find your favorite people, or you're able to cipher through whatever it is, you can find some actual (bleep) in there, like, I pride myself on talking about (bleep) that actually matters, and other than that, the Young Thug thing, that was just during a time where I would go around, pull up to video shoots, whoever was shooting a video, and if I didn't know 'em, did know 'em, we'd just start rapping

(laughs) And next thing you know, a crowd starts to form, and everybody's like, "Oh, "who is that, who is that, who is that?" So, that was just one of those moments – That's some grade-A hip-hop (bleep) right there That's why I respect this brother so much 6LACK, man, thank you for hollerin' at MTV News – Thank you, I appreciate it

– No doubt

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