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5 Weird Signs Your Ex Feels Guilty for Breaking Up


Hey there In this video we're going to cover five signs that your ex feels guilty for breaking up with you

And watch through the end because some of these are going to be a little bit weird, okay? But first, my name is Clay with modernlovelife where we help you get the great loving relationship you're looking for without having to play mind games, without having to play hard to get, and without having to pretend to be someone or something that you are not If you like what we're doing here, please give this video a thumbs up And if you're new, think about hitting that subscribe button down below Okay

So let's go ahead and get into this Now, the first of these signs is, maybe it's not going to be that surprising, but maybe it will be for some If your ex is feeling guilty that they hurt you during the breakup, they may actually stop contacting you They may actually shut you off They may block you entirely

Now, why is this? It's because people don't like to feel guilty People don't like to think of themselves as a bad person who hurts other people, who makes them cry, who takes away their dream of being in a relationship or something like that And if your ex believes that they're having this effect on you, they might feel guilty about it And we don't like to think of ourselves this way And so when we're confronted with something like maybe a text message, or seeing somebody online, on social media, seeing their updates or something, it can agitate that guilt

It can remind us that, oh yeah, we hurt this person Oh yeah, we caused them pain Yeah, there are feeling upset, down, sad, depressed, whatever because of the choices that we made and the things that we did that caused them hurt And because of this, your ex may actually shut down, close off and stop talking to you because they don't want to think of themselves as that kind of person that hurt you, as that kind of person that caused you pain, as that kind of person that was inflicting some hurt on you So that's this first sign

Okay The second sign that your ex feels guilty is that they may assume the worst about you Okay They may try to distort facts and things that happened in the relationship to make you look like a bad person Now, this ties back to what we talked about

Nobody wants to think that they went out and hurt somebody Nobody wants to think that they are intentionally doing something to cause pain to another person So in order to justify why they broke up with you, they may need to twist or distort or reshape truth a little bit in order to make them look like the good guy Make them look like, well, yeah, you had no choice but to break up with them So they may assume that maybe you cheated on them, or maybe that you lied to them, or maybe that the one time you told a white lie was like you always lied the entire time that you were in a relationship together

And this is basically them trying to protect themselves from that feeling of guilt, them trying to protect themselves from that thought that they are a bad person who hurt you and caused pain to you If they can create an image of you in their mind that is worth breaking up with, then they don't have to feel guilty about breaking up with you So they may try to paint you out to be the bad guy And that is definitely a sign that your ex is feeling guilty after the breakup Now, the third sign that your ex feels guilty about breaking up with you is that they may, on the flip side of this, try to paint themselves as the victim

They may try to position themselves as somebody who was the victim of your behavior, of your desires, of your whims, of all of these sorts of things And I tend to see this more in women than in men It's not a blanket statement by any means Men can totally do this, but women will more often than not do this They will try to position themselves as a victim in order to, again, justify why the breakup happened

Again, this may or may not be rightly deserved It just depends on your specific situation, but people can tend to do this in order to alleviate that sense of guilt in order to alleviate that sense that, Oh, I'm a bad person because I hurt somebody I'm a bad person because I took away their dream of being in a relationship I'm a bad person and I feel guilty about hurting somebody They may try to twist and reshape facts in order to either position you as the bad guy or to position them as the victim or maybe some combination of the two

And again, those are signs number two and three Sign number four that your ex is feeling guilty about breaking up with you about hurting you is, that they may actually start to post a lot of positive and upbeat things on social media Now, this may seem a little bit strange at first If they feel guilty, then why are they rubbing it in your face that they have some great life now, that they're maybe in a relationship with somebody new, that maybe they're doing all these interesting and fun things And you have to understand, again, this goes back to that sense of guilt that they're feeling

And if they're feeling a heavy sense of guilt around breaking up with you or around things like that, they might feel bad about themselves And so they may turn to their social network, their friends online, their followers, their social media accounts, whatever, in order to get some sense of validation And so they may put out these posts that are essentially like fishing for compliments, fishing for validation from other people, so that they can get all of these things to help bolster them up Now, of course, self esteem and all of that doesn't come from outside of you Obviously, that's why it's called self esteem

But still people look for validation externally from others in their lives, especially when they're not feeling very good about themselves So it's not the healthiest thing in the world, but people can do it sometimes So that's the fourth sign that your ex feels guilty about hurting you And the fifth sign that your ex feels guilty about breaking up is that they may accuse you of doing certain things, like maybe cheating on them, or they may assume that you're dating other people They may assume that you're spending time with other people

They may assume that you're hooking up with other people dating or things like that And the reason why is, again, because of that sense of guilt, they don't want to feel bad So in the case of them assuming that you cheated on them when you were in a relationship, that's a little bit of painting you as the bad guy, painting themselves as the victim, but it's also kind of alleviating that sense of guilt because they're able to say, "Oh, relationship wasn't that important because you were already with somebody else, or I'm easily replaceable to you" Or something like that Same goes with when they assume that you're dating somebody else, assuming that you're spending time with somebody else or things like that

They're basically trying to not feel guilty about hurting you by believing, by trying to believe that the relationship that the two of you had together was replaceable, that it was not that special If they believe that you're seeing somebody else or that you're in a new relationship or that you're dating or something like that, they don't have to feel as guilty about causing some devastating emotional impact to you because they can say, "Oh look, you picked yourself up You dusted yourself off, you moved on, you're dating somebody else" Clearly the breakup was not as devastating as we initially thought that it was And so I don't have to feel guilty, I don't have to think of myself as a bad person, I don't have to think that I've hurt you in some way because sure maybe that day or a couple of days or weeks afterwards it was a little bit rocky, but you bounce back real quick because you must be the kind of person that has started dating other people by now

They can either say this overtly, or they can just like imply it like, "Oh, you're probably seeing other people right now," or, "I imagine you must be dating others right now," or something like that This behavior really shows that your ex is feeling guilty and they're trying to alleviate that guilt by trying to offload other responsibility that they might be feeling onto you and trying to basically open a door for you to take that guilt and say, "Yeah, I actually am dating other people," or anything like that Now, obviously, don't lie Don't tell them, "Yeah, you have no reason to feel guilty I'm dating hundreds of people," or anything like that

But just know that that's what's going on with them That's why they might be suggesting these sorts of things That's why they might be making those sorts of comments It's not necessarily because they're trying to discourage you, it's because they're trying to manage and mitigate any sense of guilt that they might be feeling as the result of breaking up So yeah, these are a little bit weird

Some of these signs are a little bit weird and strange Have you noticed any of these signs? Have you noticed any other strange indicators that your ex might be feeling guilty after the two of you broke up? If so, leave a comment down below And don't forget to like this video and subscribe to this channel if you're not already If you want to know more signs that your ex wants you back, you might be interested in checking out this playlist over here We have a many different signs to look out for, or you might also want to check out this video over here

And once again, my name is Clay and I'll talk to you next time in the next video Please take care and have a great day

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