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5 Things That Make Dua Lipa Feel Nostalgic ? MTV News


– My second album is called 'Future Nostalgia' I kind of worked backwards on that one because I knew what my album title was gonna be, and then I started writing the songs for it

It's taking influences from, you know, all my inspirations Like, my childhood inspirations, and creating it into something that's my own and something that's modern and new It's all really real emotions and feelings But at the same time, I want you guys to dance to it and have fun Yeah, it's like a mixture of dance crying

I'm Dua Lipa and these are the top five things that make me feel nostalgic The first thing that makes me feel nostalgic, I guess a song that reminds me of my childhood like "Cry Me a River" by Justin Timberlake That sets me off I then go in, and I wanna listen to the whole 'Justified' album It's such a brilliant album, such an amazing song, and it just takes me back to being young in a playground, making up dance routines

Tamagotchis I feel like I need to get a new one, because I was really good at looking after them I don't know why, but somehow it didn't die, maybe because I wasn't paying attention in class and I was playing with my Tamagotchi But now, it's all this grown-up stuff, and having to look after plants, and I just can't seem to get that together at all I had like, a pink and white egg-shaped one

It was with me everywhere And then it, when it did eventually pass away, it still hung in my room Kinda morbid, but kinda cute at the same time The next thing that makes me feel nostalgic is Ring Pops I was on holiday for New Year's with my friends and I walked into a shop

And I was buying a bunch of sweets and I see Ring Pops, so of course, I grab the whole box and I'm like, "Okay, I need to give these to all my friends 'cause they're all gonna feel the same way about it" I feel like it's something that every time I went to the sweet shop with my grandmother, it'd always be the one thing that I would pick out and take And I'm a massive lollipop fan but, I hadn't seen Ring Pops in a really long time, so I had to stock up Oh, light-up trainers Light-up trainers make me feel really nostalgic

Sometimes I see little kids walking around with them and I just freak out, 'cause I kind of want some But also, it just reminds me of being young and running around And the last thing that makes me feel nostalgic are The Powerpuff Girls Love them Always wanted to be Buttercup, wanting to destroy Mojo Jojo

Massive fan (laughs) So, that makes me feel incredibly nostalgic I was obsessed with The Powerpuff Girls from like, the age of I don't know, 6 until 24 I always get really excited to feel nostalgic I never feel like I carry any bad memories with me

I feel like I'm good at blocking those out So when it comes to nostalgia, whatever it may be, it always comes with good connotations

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