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5 Things That Make a Great Baby-Sitter w/ 'Baby-Sitters Club' Cast | MTV News


– Everyone involved managed to keep the timeless essence of 'The Baby-Sitters Club,' but make it more modern and more relevant – The book series by Ann M

Martin, they're timeless, they're so, like, we all know 'The Baby-Sitters Club' I love them I feel like with this contemporary take, I hope that people will feel more represented than maybe they did in the books, especially with the new diversity that we have here – Hey, it's The Baby-Sitters Club' and we're gonna give the top five things that make a great babysitter – [Sophie] So, the first thing that makes a great babysitter is making everything a game

If you tell someone to clean their room, they're not gonna clean their room But, if you tell them that you can make more t-shirts into their laundry baskets from across their room than they can, they will have the room cleaned in no time Kristy dealing with David Michael, I mean he's a young boy, so obviously he needs some help from time to time And she made things that maybe wouldn't have originally been like, a fun activity into, "Hey this could be fun, let's go do this!" You know? – Another thing that makes a great babysitter is understanding and acceptance that the babysitter knows you and will understand if you don't like something or if you do like something I definitely feel similar to Mary-Anne

Reading the books growing up, I was like, "That's me! "I know her!" I definitely think I have some different opinions from Mary-Anne, and I'm able to talk about those opinions more openly and not being as shy I am shy deep down, I will admit to that But, I'm also very similar to Kristy with being bossy, I will also admit to that I feel that we're very caring, and kind, and we're funny without even knowing that we are, and we love our friends endlessly – What I loved from a couple of babysitters I had is they always listen to me, and I think listening to the kids and making sure that they're happy and, like, hearing, like, whatever they have to say is also really important

I've always been a definite Claudia and I think we're pretty similar, but I do love rules, which kind of makes me more of a Mary-Anne I love rules and I love following them, but I also love having fun and I'm very energetic and crazy (laughing) – OK, not like out-of-control crazy, but she definitely does have a lot of energy and it's so much fun to be around And let me just say, Mo, you are so much like Claudia Literally on set, we would go to craft services and she would always, always be eating candy

And it was so hard to resist candy when I saw Momo over here with like, a giant bowl of just like, all of this (laughing) – It's like, we all knew when the candy was coming out It was right after lunch and we'd all go to crafty and get candy – Yeah, we made a special crafty trip for the candy 'cause we knew exactly when it would come out and we knew the exact candy it would be – Mhm

– Another thing that makes a great babysitter is having fun activities planned You know, you want to be interactive with the kids and do arts and crafts with them, maybe make some snacks with them, teach them how to cut an apple if they're old enough, stuff like that And in the show, you see some examples of some bad babysitters, where they just put on a TV show and go sit on their phone for the entire time and that is exactly what you do not want to do Kids are not gonna be having fun if you're just sitting there watching a show with them, so just do some fun things Play with them, like, make some friendship bracelets, and just treat it like you're having a play date with some of your best friends

(laughs) – I was just gonna say, I still have the one that you made me over summer (laughs) – I made some in between when we had the audition and when we were shooting, and when I got to set, I gave them to all of them and I asked them what their favorite colors were before I made them, so that was something really fun to bond us – One last trait that would make you the best babysitter is if you're in charge You can't let the kids boss you, a babysitter has to be boss I'd say I'm pretty similar

We care about a lot of the same things and we have the same empathy for others And, like Dawn, I'd say I'm a pretty chill person But, probably the main difference is that I'm probably a little bit more silly than she is – Yes, I definitely think so On set, 100%

– We've had a group chat since the minute we met each other – We have like, five group chats, we have like, five different types of ones We've got like, one of like, "The Original Five," we've got "The First Five" We basically have a bunch of group chats just so that we can name them different things (laughing) – It's true, it's very true

There's so many It's mind-boggling – That thing is non-stop I mean, Momo said one day that she set her phone down for like, maybe two hours and she came back and she goes, "I have 1000 text messages from you guys "What is going on?" – And I'm not even exaggerating, 1000

Like– (laughing) – Yeah – We've managed to stay in touch (laughing) – I definitely do miss them so much though, because it's so different having that, like, in person, face-to-face conversations and all of that kind of stuff But, we've managed to keep our friendships going even while not being here – It's really fun to talk to each other because we miss each other a lot

– We go from talking about memes to talking about what's going on in the world There's just, there's so many things that we talk about It's all over the place But, I think the most thing that we talk about, kind of, is shared group experiences about 'The Baby-Sitters Club,' and what are we gonna be doing next, on and off of set, and our dreams and hopes for the future I definitely hope that the younger viewers will come up with their own great idea, like Kristy

The next generation and this generation, we're gonna have some really awesome, new ideas that'll be fresh and to put out there to the world I feel that's gonna be really important I also hope that they take away the strong friendships and they're all feminists, so I hope they take that away as well – I hope that girls can see that, you know, that you can be confident leaders and be in charge of their futures

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