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5 Things That Are Easier w/ Magic ft. Jaz Sinclair & Lachlan Watson | MTV News


{an8}- I'm Jaz Sinclair from 'The Chilling Adventures' {an8}- And I'm Lachlan Watson, {an8}also from 'The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

' {an8}- These are the top five things that are easier with magic {an8}- These are the top five things that are easier with magic {an8}- Way easier {an8}- Getting dressed {an8}- Yes

{an8}- 'Cause like, you could just do {an8}that cool little spinning spell, {an8}(whishing) {an8}and then you're in a different outfit {an8}So simple {an8}- Travel is for sure easier {an8}- You think so? {an8}- Yeah, cause if you could just like, teleport places, {an8}with all of your stuff {an8}- They do do that, don't they? {an8}Do they do that on our magic? {an8}- I feel like they could, {an8}well you could, yeah, yeah, yeah! {an2}(yelling together) {an2}Like, go get dinner in France, and then– {an2}- I was thinking the same thing, {an2}- and then I would go on a beach– {an2}- I want some pasta in France right now! {an2}(gasps) {an2}But I also really want to be on the beach

{an2}- I was thinking we could go get pasta, {an2}and then we could take it to the beach {an2}- Yes {an2}Sometimes I want to sleep in my own bed {an2}- Sometimes, but also I want to sleep on the beach {an2}- But I'm sure there are other beds {an2}that are more comfortable all over the world {an2}that I would only have access to with magic

{an8}- Yeah {an8}- Dueling, {an8}is definitely, definitely easier with magic {an8}- How often do you duel people, Jaz? {an8}(laughs) {an8}- I mean {an8}- I mean it would be easier– {an8}- It's definitely easier when you have magic on your side {an8}- For sure

{an8}- I believe you {an8}Can't say I've dueled anyone recently– {an8}- I can {an8}- Aw, man {an8}The glove's very important {an8}- I always use a white glove in my duels

{an8}- It would be so much easier with — {an8}- Magic, for sure! {an8}- To just like– (chaa) {an8}- More interesting, too {an8}- Oh, like decorating, like moving– {an8}- Or cleaning– {an8}- Like decorating or cleaning like in 'Harry Potter' {an8}when they are like doing the Christmas tree {an8}- Uh huh {an8}- And the little dude's like– {an8}like with the big tree {an8}That'd be so, I'd be like, "Oh it's not level

" {an8}Like man, that'd be sick {an8}- Way easier {an8}- So much easier

{an8}And my, my final answer– {an8}- Light switches {an8}- Light switches, man {an8}(laughing) {an8}- Go for it, 'cause it's so hard in the mortal world {an8}to turn off light switches! {an8}- As a kid I used to like, {an8}try and turn off the light switch with magic {an8}- Uh huh {an8}- I'd be in bed and I'd be like, "I don't want to get up {an8}and like turn off the–" {an8}- Or the remote

{an8}- And so I'd be like {an8}or my phone's too far away and I'll be like {an8}and then it doesn't come {an8}- I do that sometimes, too {an8}- Yeah {an8}Just to see, 'cause one day it might just happen

{an8}- It might – It might {an8}- If you want it bad enough

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