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5 Great Biofilm Breaking Foods


Hi, it's Eric Bakker, the naturopath from New Zealand Thanks for coming back

Let's talk about biofilms I did a whole playlist, in fact, on biofilms, So maybe you should go check that out first So on this channel, look at the playlists and look for the biofilm playlist because we did several videos on biofilms, a few years ago now But let's talk about the foods, okay The five top foods, I think, in my opinion, and the best for biofilm eradication

When you eat these foods, like I do, on a daily basis, you won't have to worry about really bugs in your gut or bug problems, biofilm issues So food is medicine, medicine is food This is good stuff Top of the tree, of course, is garlic I still get people coming through the YouTube channel telling me I'm an idiot, I'm a fool, garlic is toxic

"Don't you know it's bad for your health It raises blood pressure It kills all the bacteria in your gut My doctor said not to touch garlic, it destroys health" What planet are these people on? I mean, maybe Elon Musk has made another planet where these aliens come from, because, I mean, go and do some research yourself on garlic and look at the studies on garlic, on the benefits of garlic

The university, I think in Arizona, did studies way back, would have been seventies or the eighties, on garlic Phenomenal amounts of good research has come out of the garlic So, it really should be a daily advancement towards your health is to put some garlic in your diet every single day Small amount and watch what happens, all right The second one, of course, is ginger

To me, garlic and ginger go together Every time I make up a dish, usually involving some vegetables or meat or curries, I always put those two things in, generous amounts of ginger and garlic If you want to go a step further, you also put turmeric in there to get your curcumin So that's number three When Tracy and I lived in Brisbane, we grew lots of turmeric

We grew lots of garlic and ginger And they really like growing in these warmer climates And we grew lots of ginger, big, fresh pieces of ginger But when you combine ginger and turmeric together, magic happens, especially in your dish It's delicious

So, that's number three if you want to look at a biofilm breaker, is add some curcumin into your diet So turmeric powder, the yellow turmeric powder And they say it liberates more in fat so if you're going to cook and have that with coconut oil or olive oil, you are going to get the curcumin out of that Many companies will tell you that you can only get benefit from standardized curcumin extracts Well, yeah, of course, that's true to a degree, but, I mean, people have been eating turmeric for thousands of years and it's definitely proven to have fantastic effects on your gut

So that's the turmeric Cinnamon is the next one Cinnamon has got surprisingly good effects on biofilm And again, research has shown that it affects bacteria on multiple levels So, cinnamon is really nice

And then the last one, of course, is oregano or oregano, which is, I think, one of the best Mediterranean herbs when it comes also to yeast and fungus, as well as bacteria, is oregano And if you look here, the CanXida Remove product contains the oregano and the garlic in it Those are the two big ones The big hitters out of this list would be those So let me just mention that list to you again, of the best biofilm kind of foods you can eat

Ginger, garlic, cinnamon, turmeric, and oregano All right Those are really good ones to add Add them every day Thanks for tuning in

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