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[3D PEN] 동물의숲 깨빈 만들기 /Making the Animal Forest Breaking


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Please give me the alarm This is Finger, the master of living in Bangkok Today, I'm going to make a morning bean that Corona hates Well, let's go make it He's pretty good at making bones

He's good at sticking them together He's good at high-level techniques, high-level bones To fill the bowels with shrewdness If you keep spinning, Fill the sides thoroughly when the frame is set Check the floor plan to see if it fits It's got a good tail, and it's got to be fixed again

I want you to position your arms well Please shape it before it cools down! I'm getting really angry Now, I need you to do the pharynx like crazy Please sand it to finish Please make it less shiny

You look very pretty Now I'm going to make a headband I'll check the size Press the long filament I'll make you a tripod, too

I'm not going to draw it right this time I've tried something new I drew it in advance, cut it off with a knife He tried to paint it on top It was harder than I thought

Oh, I'm screwed with a touch of make-up Please decide my eyes that I woke up after one's last mouth Cut it to the right shape I'd like to have a pharyngeal Take it off quickly I'll draw it straight on top of the busted

I'll put on the filament Please use a knife to clean up the sprain You can use instant glue I'll paint it for you My mouth is black

~ᅲᅲ smeared around the mouth Please remove the seaweed flakes I'll do the seaweed scaling Let the completed Goblin rest for a while I'll make it a mask Make a hole for the string

I'm done waking Corona up I'll come back with a better video next time Be careful of the corona

Source: Youtube

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