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3 Tips to Get Lean Without Breaking the Bank


Three tips to getting lean without breaking the bank What's up guys? Marty here and welcome to another edition of 101 insight or weight loss tips

And today I have a story for you about living in the Mississippi Delta and trying to source quality ingredients for nutrition and diet plan And I gotta tell you like if you don't know like the Mississippi Delta is not a true Delta as it word, but it is farmland in Mississippi And we, uh, had a, a soybean field for our backyard whenever we lived there, which meant that we were constantly being bombarded by insecticides, pesticides, and I mean even the water that that came out of the faucet was Brown, like literally light and sometimes deep dark Brown and is just the things that were going in our body, uh, by ingesting and just by living there with some pretty gnarly things And you know, especially back even just a few years ago, like the word organic was unknown down here in this state I'm fairly certain statewide, just like blanket statement that may or may not be true, but blanket statement people would laugh at you whenever you said the word organic

So while we were there we had to adjust and modify him This is the same time I was uh, losing all of my weight and same for my wife So we came up with three tips for you guys today that's going to help you save a ton of money and save a ton of time while getting lean So here we go Tip number one, order your dry ingredients online, your stuff like rice, Kean, wa, uh, amaranth, uh, any sort of seeds or OLS, anything you can order online ordering in bulk cause you can find some really good deals and have it shipped to you and be way better off than you would be if you had actually walked into the store and gotten it yourself there

And that's gonna mean that you're going to save a ton of time actually going to the store and being in the store anyway I mean nowadays they have like the, the click list where you pick it up or, or whatever But the bottom line is you can get a really good deal on your dry ingredients whenever you order them online Uh, so tip number two, wash your fruits and veggies with vinegar, with water, and a little bit of vinegar that's going to pull off any insecticide, pesticide and nasty stuff that's on there And it's really only matters with fruits and vegetables where you actually eat the skin

If you peel it off like an orange, it doesn't matter so much, uh, in regards to that But this is something that you can do while you're watching TV or doing anything else that's super, super simple, super easy And tip number three, prep your food once a week for the whole week and then you can refresh your fruits and vegetables midweek So this way you're going to be able to grab and go And throughout the whole week

I remember, uh, my wife, Amanda and I, we used to, we got it down to probably about 45 minutes to an hour or so where we would prep food for the entire week And then it was just so easy to, to pick it up and go to the rest of the week And uh, about the time midweek got around and all your, your perishables were getting kind of bad That's whenever we'd go back to the store and pick it up and, and be off to the races again So the moral of the story is like so many people blame time, money or other resources for not being healthy

But one of my, another one of my favorite Tony Robbins quotes right here, it's not a lack of resources, it's a lack of resourcefulness And there are certainly some ways around it and these tips are going to help you out So, uh, there's plenty more to cover here as it comes to getting lean And I can't do it all right here So I'd like to invite you to a webinar I'm doing later this week called 100 pound weight loss to coated, and I'm going to leave it in the comments and in the description here a little bit, and I'll see you guys there

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