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3 Keys to Break 80 for the First Time


huh how you doing hope we have an awesome day in this video you are going to have the keys so that you can break 80 40 the first time it's gonna happen let's go okay so itself it's a lot easier than you might think to break 80 okay it's not now if you don't put in the work it's not going to happen and you're gonna have to at least practice you know consistently to be able to do it but there's three keys that's it there's tee shots they're short game and it's putty okay and I'm gonna give you in right in a second the three drill for each one that's going to get you to break 80 if you do these you do it the right way however how I show you you'll nail it and you'll do it and if you don't then you will if there's not even a don't you will okay stop thinking you won't you will and it will happen fast like real fast you'll see here we go we're to start short game here we go okay get your most favorite short game wedge whatever it is like around the green sand shot – that kind of thing for me it's my 60-degree so I'm gonna do that I'm using a Voki sm8 or does this em grind eight degrees of Bounce you got it you know whatever works best for you do that get a club head cover you drive it driver there's no flags you don't need a flag coronavirus so no flex right throw this thing on the on the dangreen okay so that's gonna be right there I don't want it too far for now I want it right there and then all you need are five golf balls five don't get 25 get five if you have well I'll tell you the minute alright that that's how you start that's it pull you is gonna be pretty simple okay like I said we're gonna keep this as simple as possible because it's really that simple to do you just have to practice it so five balls most people get like a whole bucket and they do it and it's actually hurting you more than helping you I only want five balls because now there's uh there's a fine item finite amount yeah limited them out whatever I mean and I have to get them all over on the green in a row okay five you can do that right boom you only have five chances if you don't do it start all over if you miss one start all over there I don't care how close they are but if you thin one or chunk one and it's not like you know on the green then you start all over right here okay so I did it so now I get to go to phase number Dokes okay there's a reason I wanted you to go over the trap is because the next shot is going to be the same thing out of the trap five five or you start over not here back where we began make sense you miss one of these you got gonna go back to chipping pitching over the bunker in other words there's a penalty if you miss one that's why we're doing five you got five the pressure is always on it's not too many it's just the right amount five shunk that last one a little bit but it made it okay ah now don't give yourself a 40-yard bunker shot okay most of the time when you miss a green it's a short bunker shot so you want to stay short okay don't make it too hard just five I wanted you to feel the pressure each time now you did it congratulations go on to the last piece of the short game exercise come on okay I just moved to the side of the bunker for you because the camera would be in the bunker you look weird but just go right in front of the bunker I want you close now some of you are gonna say well why don't I go from the easiest shot to the hardest no don't do that you got to go pitch sand then short little short little guy cuz this is where you're almost done I want the most pressure on you on the shortest shot because it's those short shots that are causing you to not break 80 because you chunk these or just totally blow these ones and I want the most pressure on you from a short little guy onto the green makes sense five in a row it's got to be on the green like I forget 3-foot circle all that that's just like to break 80 you just need it somewhere on you'll be good and feeling the most pressure cuz I'm all almost done with this part let's do it ha all right there you go you're done with the short gain piece of the puzzle now we're gonna do putty and there's really just one putting drill that you need to do that's going to be the key to breaking 80 come on okay here is your drill you need one other piece of equipment your towel is fine and start here and leave that clubhead cover right where it is I'm gonna March off 40 feet 40 not 20 not 30 not 38 not 40 to 40 feet for this drill okay here it is those are uphill 40-footers these are downhill 40-footers coming this way I need to get all five balls within a five-foot circle of the towel and the club head cover I got to do five in a row this way and then five in a row that way okay if you miss whatever you got to do so you got to do five in a row and then five in a row if you miss this way you start all over going uphill make sense so you got to do it in a row you don't have to go back to chipping but you got to do this back and forth you'll find the uphill ones are a lot easier but now the pressures on it got to get all five of these tight you know touchy little guys got to dial it in close enough so I can do it over but you get the idea right so uphill and downhill get it within 5 feet like look 3 feet would be ideal but for breaking a knee just need 5 feet ok you're gonna make a 5-footer a lot and you're gonna get a lot of them within 3 feet so don't worry about that but this is the right yardage the right distance to write everything uphill downhill after you do that all we have left with tee shots and believe it or not you're gonna nail that here we go you got this you got the chipping tee shots final piece and you're breaking 80 ok for your tee shots and this is the final piece here's what you're gonna do and you can do this well most likely at the range when you're hitting ok but you you can do it on the course you know like if they're this course is closed today they let me shoot out here so that's awesome so I'm gonna use this hole for in this scenario range of closed otherwise I'd be there but this time you're gonna need three balls and that's how you're gonna do this drill and what you're gonna do is you're going to get your three go to clubs ok or your 3 tee shot clubs for me it's my driver got a ts3 driver ok I either hit that or most likely I'm going to hit if I'm not hitting a driver I'm gonna hit my 5-wood I have my maverick 5 wood so that's that and then if I'm not hitting those and I'm hitting an iron I will hit my 4 iron this is the Callaway apex Pro forged for iron so what I'm gonna do driver and you start with dry rail let's start with the hardest one okay well for our might be the hearts but either way start with the biggest Club driver then 5 wood then 4 iron that should be the order in which you make your decisions on the golf course I'm Hin driver ok I'm not next club would be 5 wood and they're like dude I got a really play safe for iron that's kind of how you process it and how you go about at least you should write otherwise you probably not gonna break Haiti anyways just kidding ok so what I'm gonna do is hit my driver what I have to do is hit the fairway all three times in a row or I start over back with the driver right so pick the fairway at the range or if you're here and there's a fairway use that either way 40 yard 50 yard wide zone is what you're looking for okay I got it with my driver so I can move on if I didn't I just hit it again second shot great hold it a little bit but because I lay back it's good so good there last up the one with the most pressure would be for iron here we go fantastic I got him off now what I would do is I would do this five times start again with the driver and I do it five if I and I have to get all three in a row for it to count I don't have to do five times in a row but after you have five times where I get three in a row it makes sense so now I would do it again the key is we don't want you to get comfortable just hitting repetitious shot after shot after shot like I don't want yous banging drivers all day that's not going to help you we've got to go different clubs precise and get comfortable so you'll know what works what works under pressure and what to avoid and those are gonna be the keys this the putting drill the chipping drill are going to be the three keys that get you to break 80 for the first time and once you do that you're off and running you can even want to go low or low or lower whew it's a exciting journey for you I'm excited for you do this drill it will work put in the time make it hard it's too easy to make it harder add more balls add more time add more reps constantly challenge yourself you will get better good luck me sure hit that like button subscribe to the channel if you haven't done so already love you guys see you in the next video monkey breaks

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