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logan guys what occurred ah okay look we received look get up what occurred we go to sleep on the alien spaceship we gotta get out of right here how lengthy we been asleep the doorways nonetheless locked we will't undergo that approach they will need to have used some form of chemical in that smoke to place us to sleep very last thing I do know that ship is taking off Logan I believe I believe we've taken off why once I lookup I can see clouds should be simulated to simulate actual world so don't get to class you're phobic and long-term area journey maintain on let me see the controls work how they're nonetheless locked out oh no this isn't good trying we have to get out of right here Jake you're telling me that we're caught inside an alien spaceship in the intervening time it’d appear to be we’re caught inside an alien spaceship and to be completely sincere with you I can't let you know if we’re on earth or not maintain on wait dangle on concept excellent news is my telephone is one hundred percent charged the unhealthy information there's no cell service which could imply we’re in intergalactic area journey however that’s solely a concept so don't freak out and if we’re touring in an alien spaceship that doesn't essentially imply that we're alone Jake what are we gonna do now let's see if we will discover a way out of right here there's received to be one other part to the ship perhaps we will discover a strategy to get this factor rotated and again to earth what can we do with these eggs properly we don't need any extra aliens rising in right here so for now squish any eggs you discover right here management panel right here inform me who does something any Avenue you hear that so like one thing opened examine it sounded prefer it got here from over right here sound like a door in case you are watching this in case you are getting this feed from wherever we’re within the universe make sure to hit that subscribe button in addition to that like button in reality destroy that like button as a result of we’re presently on an alien spaceship and I don't know the place we’re and to be fairly sincere with you I'd somewhat be at dwelling taking part in xbox than having to struggle aliens Jake don't neglect concerning the squad all you gotta do is hit the subscribe button hit the like button and remark hashtag squad and we'll give one of many squad members a shout-out on the finish of the video sure Logan okay I'm very hyped about secure on with out screaming however we’re presently on an alien spaceship so there's no time for screaming or squad proper now we gotta determine the place that noise got here from perhaps I can use this seems like some form of superior blaster uh let's see if this does one thing I'm gonna shoot it in direction of this course greatest case it opens up an entire and we undergo worst case it opens up a gap within the spaceship and we fly by into area it doesn't sound like an excellent plan Jake alright stand again in three two one hope I do know what I'm doing gee it labored I believe I landed on an alien egg yeah okay I landed on alien egg seems like a tour I should be to the remainder of the ship small although proper seize your gear and seize your weapons I believe we’d need to take off our larger tools uh I don't suppose we're fed by this one with all this off comply with my lead properly guys examine this out the remainder of the union's me ship Jake factor is so much larger than we thought yeah what are this stuff Jake additionally Logan watch out I don't know for a mortgage there could possibly be much more aliens within the ship all proper we don't know what number of aliens are on the ship guys and we don't precisely know the place we’re me we could possibly be actually anyplace within the galaxy Jake we additionally don't know in the event that they're aliens out right here we received to maintain it down it's true additionally we might simply be in Idaho I don't suppose he will get cell service neither okay however that's apart from the purpose Logan look Frank preserve a low profile by a weapon raised always we're gonna determine a strategy to get out of right here and get dwelling sick there's some form of door right here come on Hey look it's like one other management panel guys it seems precisely like from the primary room perhaps you should use it to manage the ship Jake final time use the controls unhealthy issues occur okay properly perhaps this time I can determine it out I imply there's not precisely a window or something however perhaps you simply take me to earth what simply occurred okay seems prefer it's the schematic of the ship that should be the round half that we got here in so we adopted in by right here so I'm guessing we're on this command module proper right here so this should be the first command module that is in all probability what controls the entire chair are the aliens know the place the aliens are Logan however the reality of the matter is that that is in all probability our approach dwelling we simply have to determine methods to use this factor properly I don't precisely know what to do proper now let's preserve transferring by the ship come on there's gotta be one thing in right here to assist us get out all this future tech and there's no energy it was broken perhaps that's why they landed right here perhaps perhaps perhaps they're good perhaps they're pleasant earlier than I shoot them why don't you go discuss to him excuse me sir yeah we're the place we’re we’re people and we come from Earth and we simply need we wish it we need to go dwelling we've got here in your ship we don't know if you happen to don't like us or what's happening simply simply keep proper there I don't need to damage you Jake I believe you was simply attempting to present us one thing my god okay so not less than we now know that there are different aliens on this ship we’re not alone Jake we don't know in the event that they're pleasant or not I believe that man was simply attempting to love provide you with one thing course they're not pleasant they're aliens look he's attempting to present me one among these seems like one thing you place kool-aid it yeah Logan alien kool-aid poisoned with alien issues no now on we see an alien we take him out we need to get dwelling it's the one approach that appears bizarre appears like water Hey look I believe it's nuts the previous man – I haven't eaten so you bought locked up within the ship properly I discover it oh man I'm consuming the almond Logan I really feel form of humorous I really feel form of humorous what do you imply you are feeling form of humorous Jake no no one thing simply feels bizarre all proper Jake what what's in your ear what do you imply my ears Oh Lord what's mistaken my ears Jake you of alien ears alien ears why did you eat that do that to me I don't know I've been allergic response to alien Albans give me ears how do I get the ears off okay I want to chop my ear homie perhaps you eat that that stuff come on I need the rest to vary subsequent factor I do know I'm gonna occur nostril the perimeters of a submarine what do you do for allergic reactions are you bought higher drill on you don't take we don't have benadryl okay okay simply relax I imply perhaps this isn't the worst half worst case I'm turning into an alien which could possibly be truly form of cool what's this that doesn't look too good whoa dude test it out it's not snow take a look at it's like Christmas okay let me Morris case situation Logan if we're on right here all the way in which until Christmas not less than we all know we received some actual snow I’m NOT gonna be right here till Christmas guys we have to get off the ship now you suppose if I drink this it'll assist me or make me worse guys do you suppose I simply drink the inexperienced juice let me know down beneath if you happen to would drink the inexperienced juice cuz I'm form of curious superb Logan and I’m fairly thirsty Jake I believe we’d like to have a look round and see if there's any approach of getting off the ship oh okay examine this out it's like eggs we noticed I believe that is some form of loser eggs this should be the place they develop their eggs perhaps this is sort of a hatchery hope it takes a very long time for child aliens to develop as a result of there may be loads of child aliens on the 18th outing you want a outing you sit there I'm gonna go searching for a bit seems like you’ve gotten somewhat it is a mattress like I mentioned it is a laboratory perhaps a medical Bay or perhaps a hatchery perhaps this might help with my ears lie on it like so oh okay that's a film okay what am i doing in space Jake Jake lights simply turned on some form of alien microwave human starting full-body scan for any abnormalities physician please placed on surgical eye imaginative and prescient Maxim I believe would you like me to place these goggles I I believe you shouldn’t put the goggles on Logan I believe that's the alternative what you need me to placed on the goggles you don't know what you're doing mentioned dr Logan except I'm mistaken you're consuming the physician have I heard studying one say dr

Logan no Jake I believe the goggles must go on Jake yeah I can see your physique like I can see your mind and what you're pondering Jake it's actually cool she says right here that you just're gonna catch a chilly in two weeks it's like predicting the longer term wait I can delete it in order that doesn't make the truth that I'm caught in some alley machine maintain on a sec Jake you see your ears Ian's ears there we must always have your ears again to regular one thing occur event your ears are higher yeah I believe truly labored oh this is sort of a fairly cool docs lab I want listening to aids for my bed room no I'm not gonna have a chilly in two weeks okay we'll take we have to get transferring you made loads of noise and and I don't know when this stuff are gonna hatch let's return out simply play extra of the ship to discover hey guys properly let's preserve transferring see what else is within the ship additionally keep in mind if you happen to guys see something in right here or of any concepts on how we will escape or get this area ship again to earth tell us as a result of there could be one thing we're lacking bar this room was positively the craziest room on this spaceship Jake this door right here dude examine this place out that is unreal what is that this place I believe I do know precisely what that is that is some form of cryogenic sleep pod yeah this should be what they used for deep journey properly I name the sleep pod tonight if we're sleeping within the alien ship tonight Logan I'm getting within the sleep off go for it Jake you understand I'm not that focused on testing new alien science and we're within the medical Bay they had been speaking in English they usually consult with me as a human do you suppose the ship is superior sufficient to evolve to no matter species we’re I imply yeah I assume that's what's been taking place whats up whats up ship sleep pod room activated please use timer on facet of wall to set sleeping situations oh I gotta do that this may not be a good suggestion it's all the time a good suggestion to attempt sleeping pods longer guys generally I don't know what Jake is pondering sleeping pod chosen 5 minutes activated what's happening drained but Oh take pleasure in your sleep Jake they're smoking your chamber seems form of scary Jake Jake Jake are you in there Jake the door's locked Jake Jake do you hear me the pc did say sleep pod set to 5 minutes so perhaps I simply have to attend right here for 5 minutes sleeping pod concluded re-engaging now simply sleep pods executed Jake what number of years has been Jakob what years what do you imply what yr is it you had been gone for like 5 minutes so for 100 thousand years it was simply 5 minutes discuss energy naps that's not not too unhealthy yeah I attempt that factor glad you bought a pleasant little energy sufficient in however Jake we’re nonetheless on an alien ship and we nonetheless want to determine how we will get out properly first issues first look in all probability most vital I want to seek out one thing cuz I simply took a nap and I’m sorry you mentioned you noticed a kitchen proper yeah I did see two plates and two glasses it was form of bizarre I imply if it conforms to no matter species burrow it's received to have our personal meals into the kitchen I believe that is the kitchen all proper properly yummy meals this spaceship hat I imply in the event that they received top-notch medical care Logan and an superior sleeping pod they gotta have good meals gotta admit I’m ravenous seems like that is some form of futuristic alien merchandising machine whats up people please choose from our nice assortment of human delicacies merely take out the feeding tube that you just need and obtain meals beneath okay properly I I assume that is our meals you simply pull it out of right here dude he's cool it's like one among our MREs and also you should be Jake I'm not consuming I don't appear to be a child it's so futuristic it's like a full burger meal that's been it's been packed into into this I'm not consuming that I'm not even s both maintain on Logan don't knock it until you attempt it let's see what this seems like child magically turns right into a Burton that's not turning right into a burger that simply seems like that properly take it secure to say I’m NOT consuming that or this okay maintain them but it surely additionally mentioned get your meals from the underside that's what the great things is perhaps that is simply I don't know test it out somewhat meals containers now this seems like meals we received to belief this place they’d a sleeping pod that labored and a medical bay that cured me of a chilly and ears perhaps perhaps I I you understand what I do know precisely how this works Logan you make your individual meals it is a pad it's purple it's the meat that is the bun however on the highest that is in all probability the underside of burgers as a result of they're solely brown and there you go after which this should be the activator that is what prompts it and turns it right into a freshly cooked McDonald's hamburger now you can take pleasure in and eat Jake that don't appear to be a hamburger yeah why don't you eat it Logan and inform me how it’s as a result of good as this seems I'm sorry I can't threat consuming okay so whereas we're going hungry on this one okay all proper okay all proper properly properly thanks for nothing alien the merchandising machine simply another excuse Jake why we have to get out of right here did you eat yogurt let that actually made me drained so I’ve a extraordinarily wonderful plan I say we go to mattress I don't know what time it’s on earth but it surely's positively nighttime someplace on earth after which once we get up we'll be full and recent and we'll be capable of resolve the thriller as to methods to get out of right here perhaps I'll study the controls perhaps I'll discover ways to communicate alien I don't know what I can do with a well-rested mind however you understand they are saying eight hours of sleep is extraordinarily vital to me actually if we need to get out of right here determine that out tomorrow all proper let's try to get some relaxation preserve it down we've already seen an alien on the spaceship we don't know what number of extra there could possibly be if that's schematics appropriate this ship is extraordinarily giant we're simply fortunate there's no aliens on this sector simply what I need to sleep on an alien ship Jake what are you doing I believe I'm realizing Logan that could be the explanation this doesn't work is we don't have a key perhaps if we had a key would activate like all the opposite programs then we get to say hey go dwelling go dwelling to earth how's the stew properly gee what's that I don't know I believe that's a hologram I believe we're we're alien facetiming proper now mr alien sir we’re from Earth we’re we’re right here in your ship as a result of we've by chance got here in your ship and we need to return to earth okay I thanks mr alien by Allah the love you good night time properly we’d have alerted the captain of this whole ship that we had been on it and he didn’t sound like he was welcoming us to a pleasant dinner so why don't we get again into this gate pogrom shut the door and fall asleep and determine this all out within the morning suppose with the recent thoughts and the eight hours of sleep on our our bodies we'll be capable of escape from the ship tomorrow you go discover your sleeping pod I'll get in my sleeping pod now keep in mind set your timer to eight hours okay sleeping pod activated setting time to eight no no no not one million years no not a ami eight hours eight hours setting time to eight hours okay the very last thing we need to do is fall asleep for eight million years that wouldn't be too nice okay I'll see you within the morning go down the corridor there needs to be one other sleeping puff I do know it seems unhealthy and I do know it seems like we're trapped in an alien ship however don't neglect to smack that like button and hit that subscribe button and naturally if you wish to assist us escape remark down beneath on the way you suppose we must always do it alright guys properly thanks for watching right this moment I'll see you guys

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