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#223【最新消息Breaking News】練習生火熱招募中~唱片公司要來考核啦! ◆嘎老師 Miss Ga|歌唱教學 學唱歌◆


Hello everyone I'm Teacher Ga I want to remind everyone today Our first Evaluation of record companies To start 啰 We are currently booking the first external assessment In mid-April If you want to participate in this external assessment, You have to finish first Basic social media management course That another good news Is our basic social media business course Classes will begin in March That is, I want to start teaching everyone How to run social media And this course is only March I'm a real person online Instant teaching So if you want to listen to my teaching And if you want to participate in the external assessment in April, Hurry and register Our trainee system Because of our trainee system I can't go to class right after the exam After the exam You will also take a new acoustic lesson first After that new voice lesson There will be a series of actions to be done So it takes a little time So if you really want to be a singer Don't hesitate anymore Sign up for the exam The complete process of the trainee system We will put the link in the info bar below Everyone can come and see Or if you are ready If you come to the exam You can also go directly Below is the link to the admissions test guide About trainee system Or any questions about the entrance exam Also welcome to join us Line @ Ask us That's it for this video I'm Teacher Ga See you next time Bye

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