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#219.5 【最新消息Breaking News】嘎老師 2020 練習生新制!我們要跟唱片公司合作啦!◆嘎老師 Miss Ga|歌唱教學 學唱歌◆


Hello everyone I'm Teacher Ga Yes As the title says We are going to work with record labels I believe everyone who wants to be a singer Must be curious about the details But let me marry Following the last time I explained to you After our entrance examination Our next episode To explain to everyone After we pass the examination What will happen First after you pass the admissions exam We are sure you have a certain level of singing The next step is to register for our new acoustic lesson What's the purpose of this new voice lesson? Is to get you before you take the formal course Learn about our class mode Confirm this class mode Is it right for you Do you really gain something? Then after you finish class I think it's really rewarding Then we can go to the next stage What about the next stage? Just before entering the trainee system

We will need to sign one Consent Form for Trainee System simply put Just after you join the trainee system We will evaluate each month That detail is in the info bar below the video Have links You can come and see it by yourself After you sign the consent form You immediately become a trainee What about the trainees? Our main goal Is to make everyone's singing more and more progressive And to start taking you guys Accumulate your popularity Then the first thing we have to do Of course it is going to class Because i want to make sure your singing There is continuous progress So apart from this part We also monitor the frequency of your practice Then the second thing is You have to be within three months Complete your basic social media business course Because if you want to gain popularity, You must know how to run social media That in the fourth month We will start evaluating your social media Management effectiveness Then the third part is There will be some exclusive services for trainees And trainee-specific courses Let's say we have One-on-one social media consulting services Because when you start running social media, You may still encounter some You have no way to solve the bottleneck At this time, social media consulting services Can assist you To solve your difficulties That goes on to the fourth part We will have some private parties for trainees And trainee-specific activities For example, when you become a trainee First you will add one Line group for trainees Another example When you finish your social media course You can go to a monthly party At this party Everyone can communicate with each other The success of social media operations Besides that When everyone runs their own business We also on social media Take everyone to run collective activities What about internal assessments? Including your class frequency Singing frequency And the effectiveness of social media operations What is the purpose of internal assessment? Except part is to make sure everyone There is progress towards the goal of dream Partly because Come The point is here Also because we work with record companies We will have quarterly external assessments What about the external assessment this quarter? Will include your ability to sing And the effectiveness of your social media operations So the fruits of your previous efforts Will be seen during these quarterly external assessments If your social media is doing well, Will be a bonus When you have two comprehensive abilities When everything is fine The record agency might sign a contract with you Then even if you are not signed It doesn't matter Because you always do Social media operations So you keep accumulating Your own popularity So you have no loss After you run social media for a while You will have three paths The first is what I just said Record agency May sign a contract with you The second is I might sign with you Then the third way is Actually if you social media If you run well You can choose to be an influencer yourself Ok So that's our trainee system Overall content So if you want too Let your singing be heard If you want to realize your dream Come and join our trainee system First remember to come to the entrance examination Sign up now Ok then that's it for today If you like this video Remember to like and share Do n’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel And turn on the notification bell Every Monday and Thursday at 9pm Will release new videos Also every Tuesday night Sing live Finally don't forget Like us on Facebook Follow IG And join our Line @ oh Then if you have any questions You can also ask us on Line @ That's it for this video I'm Teacher Ga See you next time Bye

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