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#217【最新消息Breaking News】我要開歌唱補習班了!想學唱歌的看過來~ ◆嘎老師 Miss Ga|歌唱教學 學唱歌◆


Do n’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel And turn on notifications Ok Goodbye Goodbye (Xiao Lai: We are at the vegetable market) Hello everyone I'm Teacher Ga Yes As the title says We are going to tuition Yes We are about to be First to teach singing on YouTube And people who run cram schools? What about this Actually we have been planning for some time It just happened recently Our establishment permit passed So I ’m here to share this good news with you Then we expect it to be in February Start decorating That luck It should reasonably be in April Ready to open During that time We might have some decorating tidbits Will also share with you one after another What about the new year Except that we are going to provide cram school Our trainee system And make a few changes What about the change we are making now? Just before you register for a new voice lesson Will need to take an entrance examination After that passed Before you can register for a new voice lesson I think I need to explain it to everyone first Why is there an extra step in this exam Because at this stage Students' abilities are different I hope so More effectively help everyone improve their singing ability So i need more time To design these courses What about the other side Also because i need a little time Go to train teachers So I ’m here to say sorry That's how much time I have alone One thing is not enough But also hinting I will come to recruit teachers soon About entering the trainee system What we will do with everyone Detailed explanation We will be in two weeks Explain to everyone in a video So remember to follow our channel closely Well, I believe that just after finishing these What everyone cares about most now is What will we test for? So next I will briefly introduce to you What will we take in the entrance examination First of all, this check is ready to register Because the way we test is I want you to record some of what we specify After uploading to YouTube Make private Then fill in Application form for our entrance examination What about the cost of our test? Is NT $ 300 But what about the cost of this test? If you pass When you register for a new voice lesson Can be redeemed in full What's the content of the test? First option Will need you to record a song A song you choose Just to show you The best singing technique of a song About 30 seconds to two minutes Just fine What about the first item of our designated project? Is to sing the song "Decent" Then it is the same only Verse to chorus Not very long Then the second to sixth designated items Is to sing some scales Then each scale does not exceed 1 minute What about the seventh designated project? Is to shoot the song What about the songs we currently choose? Jay Chou's "Quiet" song Then note that when recording this content To be recorded in live video And show your face Then when you submit your application for verification We will be within 7 working days E-mail reply to your test results Then if you pass the test We will issue a certificate to you And you can sign up for new voice lessons 啰 What about the entrance examination? We have a brief Then we will link this Drop in info bar Everyone remembers before you take the exam Be sure to check out that brief Then if we test the rules If there is an update Click that link directly It will also be the latest version So today We will announce to you Two big news The first is that we have a cram school although Not decorated Then the second one is We have an entrance examination 啰 Hurry up and take it up Ok then that's it for today If you like this video Remember to like + share Do n’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel And turn on the notification bell Every Monday and Thursday at 9pm Post new movie Also every Tuesday night Sing live Do n’t forget to like Facebook Follow IG And join our Line @ oh That's it for this video I'm Teacher Ga See you next time Bye Hurry and go to the exam

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