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21 People Reveal Worst Reasons For Breaking Up With Someone | Digital Love


– She was a dominatrix and I wasn't entirely, like, cool with that (upbeat electronic music) – Oh, they prefer Dunkin' over Starbucks? No

They use an Android phone? No They're vegan, obviously? No Staten Island? That's just, never – Oh, worst reason – Eating loudly – Touching your hair too much – If she's, like, a bad driver – Trump supporter? (laughs) – The worst reason I dumped someone? Cause they were too short

– I dumped someone because she didn't know who Keanu Reeves was – I once dumped someone because he was skipping class Because I'm a nerd (laughs) – Oh yeah, they cooked me dinner – Yeah I did

– I was dating some girl, just because we worked at the same location and then like, I quit the job, I quit her, too – There was one guy I stopped dating because he liked eating toaster pastries I got so tired of the toaster pastries, I'm like, I'm out I can't – Someone that pours the milk before cereal, that is creepy

I can't do that I'm just gone – For being too nice – Yeah, too nice Like, hitting me up every morning, every single day, you know, I guess I just didn't want that

Because I want that now That's really messed up, but yeah – Clingy-ness Hate it If we're laying in bed, and I go up to go get a glass of water, don't (beep) come with me

I don't need you to come with me to go get a glass of water You know what I mean? Like, that clingy-ness is like – I was dating this girl

Wherever I would go in the house, she would come And I was like, no Hate it – Dependence Like, if somebody just needs everything

Like someone who is extremely needy, like "Can you get me this?" Or "Can you do" Like, no, no do it yourself You have feet, legs, arms and, like, a body

Can you just do it? Like, I don't understand – So, one of my biggest pet peeves in a partner is sometimes their laugh I'm like, wait, God really made you laugh like that? You gotta get that fixed, Boo, we got doctors that can help the voice box Come on – I think I found her, like, laugh, like very high-pitched

And I just don't think, I think that whenever I heard it, I think I was always taken out of the moment And I was like, what is going on? – We had hung out like two times and then on the third time his hat came off, and there was just not a hairline present and that was my last time hanging out – I frequently dump people because of body odor – I was hooking up with a girl and she just didn't know how to, she wasn't good with general hygiene – If your mouth isn't together and your trying to kiss me, please don't come here with your dirty breath or your stink tongue, trying to dive in

Absolutely not So, yeah, dental hygiene is number one – I kissed another girl and I liked it better than the girl I was with – Sex – Yeah, bad sex

– I broke up with my boyfriend because the Co-Star app told me that I wanted to be single and I was like, oh my God, yeah, I want to be single (upbeat electronic music)

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