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[2017] Breaking News


The 1st September was just a usual day when students should go to school But when one of the younger students realised that the summer freedom is over, a total disaster happened! – I hate this day!!! All the other students began to cry too, and very, very soon, the school was full of tears! Luckily, everyone who had come was successfully evacuated

And people are now drinking water to compensate the lack of their own tears! (SIGH) The school is now closed and gets repaired, and nobody knows whether it opens again Meanwhile, people from all over the world usually comment on the situation like this: However, the world's most admitted psychologists say: – It's absolutely normal Kids wanted to cry If you wanna cry, JUST DO IT! So will the students get a punishment they deserve or just waste their time forstuff? We promise to keep you in loop!

Source: Youtube

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