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20 Amazing Road Trip Tips with Kids – Breaking all the Rules!


1 Roll down the windows

2 Get out and run On your mark, get set, go! Good morning We are at Chapada Diamantina We are on a hike with all the kids up to Pai Inácio

It's supposed to be a beautiful view, postcard view of Chapada We'll see how the kids do Almost there There's Daddy He's coming with Camila

Daddy's a good sport for staying back with the baby And just take a gander Look at these views 4 Take the stairs

5 Take lots of memorable photos Pai Inácio was totally amazing! Super worth it Perfect for beginners Very easy

Only about a 15 to 20 minute hike from where you park Kids can do it People out of shape can do it You don't need any special hiking gear I saw a lot of girls using flip-flops

So totally recommend it It was beautiful The kids had fun cuz it wasn't too difficult and then they were able to play and kind of run around at the top and the air was just nice and fresh and then the views were incredible There're a couple of different spots you can get some great photos I Definitely recommend it

Easy hike for the family and a beautiful postcard picture 6 Ride outside of the car 7 Take your time

Check out the view 8 Watch out for bees nests! Tiago Oh sorry these are not flies these are bees There's a bee in his nose

Can you get it? Get it honey! Is it out? It's still there It's still hanging on What are you doing, playing with a bees nest? Did you get stung all over? I don't know Stay away from bees Mmmm

It smells like fresh blooms Like sweet blossoms and summer air Holy smokes That's smells so good I'm like dying right now

Can you smell that sweet air? Heavenly 10 Check out the wildlife 11 Wear a plastic bag just in case it rains

12 Find a cool cave You see a ton of spider babies? The spider eggs just hatched Look at all the babies Dad! This is their habitat

Let's leave them alone Come on Hey Dad! Daddy 13 Go snorkeling in a cave 14

Explore everything 15 Be brave! 16 Go swimming Mandatory! 17

Bring fish food or crackers We are in a big swan paddle boat We've got the two little girls We have Mateus in the kayak Tiago and Maísa are back there

Look at that team work! 19 Teach your under age children how to drive 20 Stay in a small town Bonus: Build a campfire

That is a real fire right there Now, all we need is marshmallows and smores Who would have thought we would have a camp fire next to an imperial palm tree? So this concludes our great Chapada Diamantina adventure Everything we did will be linked in the description below We had a great time

It's great for kids Thanks for joining us on another adventure Tchau!

Source: Youtube

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