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$150 vs. $12.50: Does Kian Lawley Know Pillows Better Than You? | MTV Access


– You did – Woo

! – That's how you get in there, bro Oh (Bleep) – Gave me a little love bite, and I can't lie that felt pretty good – What's up you all, I'm Darren Big Baby Brand, and today I have with me– – Lil baby Kian Lawley – And today you're watching You Got Served This is the show where we take three versions of two items, and we try to figure out which is the cheapest, the middlest, and the most expensive

– I'ma get 100% on both – Oh, you're one of those – Bet 100% on both – I'm takin' the top off, reach out

What is it? Go Reach out What is it? Do you have it? – A cup – A cup of what? It's just a cup? – A cup of candle wax – Candles? – It's a candle

– Man what the hell? – Candles – Candles, aight here we go Do you use candles? – All the time I'm a candle connoisseur – Talk to 'em

– This is really oaky – Ooo! – Made in– – Look like you're readin' the bottom – Nope, made in Germany I like this one – That's made in Germany? Let me see – Nah, it says the word German on it somewhere

– Mmm mmm – It's not bad, huh? – Mm mm – Smells like a spray – This is out the mall, preferably the third floor Tath and Tody torks

That's what this is – Yeah Bath and, yeah, Tath and Tody Works – You can't just say– – Tath and Tody Torks – God dammit

Bring out the candles Now look, the thing about this show is bro, there's been a lot of (bleep) that you think is expensive – That's was what my question was – Don't be fooled by none of this decorative (Bleep) Go with your gut, go with the smell

Get into it, touch the candle Like this ain't got no cover, is that– – No – I don't feel confident in that That's just a block of wax – Has anybody gotten 100%? – Yes

– (bleep) – Yes, yes numerous times I think this is the one when you with a young lady You can use the little drippage from it – Yeah but it's like a old grandma's house or something – Ooo it do got the– Wait a minute

What is wrong with yo nose? This smells good! Ooo! That's not where its at? – No – Ooo (bleep) – It's like citrus-y – Man look at your face! – No it's citrus-y – Mmm

– Lemongrass and wild basil That's a no – Who tha (Bleep) want to smell wild basil? – Want to take a whiff? – What a minute Now hold on Hold on, hold on, hold on

Let me get into it I kind of like this bro – You like that? – I'm not gon' lie to you – Can we get a replay on what you just said? "Who the (bleep) wants to smell a wild basil?" – Who the (Bleep) wants to smell wild basil? See the thing is – Oh we can light 'em? I didn't even know we could light 'em

– I'm not sure but I'm doing it anyway See we can look at the melt Mmhm Now I think that's the most expensive one – No way! There's no (bleep) way this is the most expensive

This is like the cheapest, I would say – Am I trippin'? – I think so – Let me see – My nose is different than yours – Now I'ma let you decide since you a guest

Okay? That's all on you Cheapest? – Cheapest, second cheapest, most expensive – Middlest is what we call it – Middlest, yeah – Middlest

– Cheapest, middlest, mostest – Most expensive – Most expensive – Cheapest, middlest, most expensive Do you know the answer? We about to find out

It's giving me R&B vibes man You know what I mean? – The candles? – Yeah, you know what I'm saying? We would make a mean R&B group – I think we would – Cookies and cream – Cookies and cream

– You feel what I'm saying? Get back to back with me We would be too dangerous for the ladies, bro Cookies n' Cream, too dangerous for the ladies Chunky, Chunky Q in black You got the– – I'm creamy

– You got the dirty beard coming in – Dirty beard? – That's the smooth thing – Okay, I'll be smooth – You see what I'm saying? – Yeah I'll hit 'em with the smooth look

– Ah! Let do it again Hold on, hold on – Hey ladies – You got like the deep voice and (bleep) – I had to turn it to the (bleep) Aight, aight, here we go

Bring 'em out big dog! – Listen, I've never in my life have done this on the show But you have a chance to change your rank right now – Just because you said you've never done it, now I want to do it – You're the first one – Cheapest 100%

– Cheapest – Your wild basil I'm going to keep it at the cheapest – Woo! – I'm going to put this one – You better not let my wild basil be the (bleep) – I think it is This one's just too big and yeah

For that reason I'm going with that (Bleep) Final answer, buzz in – Now! The cheapest is the Cork lid You're right You're right on that – Here we go! – Let's put it out – Am I going to be 100%? The world may never know, for now

– You ready? – The most expensive is the big one – You sure? – 100% – You're right – Let's go baby! – $114 baby! – Yeah! Let's go – And the middle is the– – Woo! 100% – That's how you do this! You got served! You got served! – You got served! You got served! – Bitch! – Let's go

Switched it up at the last second – You did That's how you get in there bro Oh (bleep) – It gave me a little love bite and I can't lie that felt pretty good

Felt pretty good – Next item That's enough I'm taking the top off but the item is like so big and I can already tell what it is You can tell what it is? – This? – That's a pillow

– It's a pillow Take your blindfold off This is what they did Look at it – Okay a pillow

Now look A pillow is very (bleep) important to me I think I'ma get 100% off the bat – If you go two for two today – Yeah

– I'ma have a conversation with my producer – Okay – To get rid of Tim DeLaGhetto – And then I'm up? – And replace you – Let's go bro

– You look better You're taller – Let's go I think anybody's taller than Timmy – And you call him Timmy

Awh! – Timmy Tims – You have a thing for pillows – Yeah I don't have a thing for pillows but dude yeah – You know pillows

– I like sleep – Sleep is good – Sleep is very good How much sleep you get a night? – Not enough – Not enough? – Not enough, man

– Like what? – I probably– – Like not enough, nine hours? – Nah, nah Like five to six – Okay, you're psychotic – Is that goose down? Feel the– that's feathers Look at that

– The feathers are what's the cheapest The best is like the Tempur-Pedic – (Bleep) How much is this? What you not going to do is call Tempur-Pedic (Bleep) – No, that's the best of the best – Okay

I'm just making sure I heard you say – I didn't know if you liked the feathers or not – I mean but the feathers are expensive too That not no cheap pillow

You know what? I don't think you know the full effects of this on your skin, bro Cookies n' cream on three Ready? – One, two, three Cookies n' Cream – Is that Satin? Let me feel it

– Feel the weight – Woo! – Feel the weight – Wait a minute you've might've just – Look at that Dude I can balance that on half of a pinky

– Pick it up and see how it makes you feel You're going to have to play that role too – See, look watch That's how you know a pillow is cheap is where you can fold it up and put it in your pocket Oh bro, this is it

I don't know I feel like this might be the middlest actually – Hold that one – I just like the weight of these one Oh my goodness

– Oh! This is it This is it – Ah, this one feels nice I don't know I might change it

This for sure is the cheapest – Bro, you know what? Something 'about that right there That thickness – Thickness? That's a false thick, bruh Cheapest, middlest, most expensive

This just feels good (Bleep) If I'm wrong on my pillows I'll be pretty upset – Listen, bring it Let's go

– What? If that's not the cheap– dude what? What? – I don't know why– – I already (bleep) up – you don't listen to me, bro – I already (bleep) up, bro What? – I'ma vent I tell you to think

You know what the cheapest is? – That? – Yes – (Bleep) Bro, the blue trim pillow is $1250 And you sitting there grand– – Do it feel the best? – No, no, no, no! You listen to me right now – I'm listening

– You grabbed it You held it "But you could fold this one "Real smooth and put it in your pocket" – Is that the most expensive? – I didn't bring you over here bro – Is that the most expensive? – You ready? – Yeah

– Striped pillow Which one's the stripes man? $3499 Who said "I feel like this might be–" – How much is that one? – Who said– I just want to hear it on the record Who said "This might be the most expensive pillow

" Who said? – Nobody You did not say that How much is it? – $15000 – What the (bleep) That is $100 what? – You still have your job Tim! – That's some bull (bleep)

– I was never going to let you go Tim – How are you supposed to sleep on that? – I was never going to let you go! You just watched You Got Served and he just got served – I just got (bleep) served – Served – Just got served, – Pretty badly – Served, man – If you want to subscribe because you liked the video so much

You can click up there or up there I don't know where it is Click somewhere on the screen Subscribe to the channel Watch more videos

I hope I come back soon cause I need to defend I need to come back and redo it I hate pillows Can you finish the video?

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