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#02 breaking Corona news! Is it ended? + how to make biscuit (cake) | Subtitles: EN, PL


Hello I am Gently Brutal and we have breaking corona virus news from the last moment We perfectly remember this time when internet was full of the photos when police was catching us when we were going outside home Now something changed

At least in Spain situation is going better Let's connect with our reporter which is on the beach Welcome from the beach I am here totally alone and I prepared special song while waiting for the call I am here alone No people here Was I stupid or breave? to enter here

I wated to touch the water and feel the sand I am in the nature Noone is around! Excuse me mister, please go out the beach Go out now! Here it's dangerous Go to the bar now! Yeah as we can see everything is changing in a good direction Let's hope that everything will be good and everyone will be healthy

And we have the news from the last second That the state of alarm in Spain is ended! We will be able to travel soon! yeah! I said go to the bar now! If you will go now, that will be the end of it I will not look for you, I will not pursue you But if you don't, I will look for you I will find you and I will show you the way to the bar! Lemon Curry Who said this? I don't know Quiz time! What is Olfrygt? a) Technical terminology to define the lost element b) Slang description of fear when in the village, town or city that you are lost in has no beer c) Old Dutch male name d) The name of the local beer

The answer in the end Maybe is not totally your type of humor but if you liked it, subscribe and hit the like button And now we will go to see what Chef Brutal prepared for us today Hello I am Gently's Brutal's brother and welcome to my kitchen Today we will prepare a biscuit What we need: 6 eggs 12 big spoons of sugar, 12 big spoons of flour, 1 small spoon of baking powder, 1 small spoon of vanilla sugar, to decorate cream minimum 35% fat, jam and some fruits

Let's begin! Put 6 eggs to the pot, add 12 spoons of sugar, Mix it Set the temperature into oven to 220 degrees and make it hot When you will find this consistence – it's ready Now add 6 spoons of flour and mix it gently Add another six spoons of flour, 1 small spoon of baking powder, and spoon of vanilla sugar, mix it gently

Put it to the forms And put it to the oven Set the temperature to 180 degrees if you have the thermal circuit 30 less Now is the time to check it's ready use the stick if it's not sticky, It means that is baked well Take it, put it out

Clean the stuff Now the time to decorate Cut it in the middle, put layer of jam, later put the layer of cream later another layer of biscuit, later cream, some fruits And voila, Bon Appetit! Thank you so much It's looks so tasty And now! Quiz answer! the quiz answer is: B and D

Olfrygt is a Dutch slang word, express the fear that in the city, village or other place you are going to there will be no place to buy or find the beer And as well it's the name of the local beer: from Poland and from Russia you can google it And now something totally different men who is speaking or "rapping" fake French Yeea! Good one, really good one

The link do full version in the description For today – that's it Thank you for being here! I wish you health and for all of your family See you next time! No no no no no – it's too long I'm ending this! You go to the bar! See you next time! And subscribe! If not

I will find you!

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