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?[Eng][ASMR] Jungkook crying & you wanna break up with him | BTS ASMR | Korean ASMR | Jungkook ASMR


Please don’t go [You and Jungkook supposed to have a date today] [But Jungkook is late again

] [You’re so sick of him being late because he always does] [It feels like he doesn’t respect you] Sorry I’m late again (

) (Jungkook) (You always say the same thing) (That you’re late) (Again and again

) Are you mad at me? So sorry It’s because of my work It’s really hard to sneak out for private matters (Yeah I’ve heard of it thousand times

) Really sorry But You’ll understand me right? Am I right? () (We need to talk Jungkook) We’re already talking

() (I’m serious) Okay Shall we sit? (No, it’s fine) (It’s going to be quick

) Really? (Yeah) () (I love you Jungkook) I love you too (But

) (I feel like you don’t respect me at all) That’s impossible I respect you (I don’t think so) Why do you think so

? (Your first priority is always work) (Not me) (You’re late again because you value your work more than me) Hey It’s not like that

How could you compare you and my work? You and work both are very important to me You said you like to see me passionate about my work (Yes I did

) (But not anymore) What do you mean? (Jungkook) (I’ll give you a choice) (Work or me

) (Now choose) What? How could you ask me to answer that? (I’ll give you five seconds) (One) Hey

(Two) (Three) You’re kidding me right? (Four) You’re being mean today (Five

) () (I want to break up with you Jungkook) What? Wait a minute You want to break up with me? () (Yes

) (This is it) Wait a sec How could you say that without thinking twice? (You know what?) (I’ve been thinking over hundred times already) (And this is my conclusion) (Time to say good bye

) Wait You’re kidding right? (No Jungkook) (I’m not kidding) Please tell me you’re kidding (It’s too late Jungkook

) (There’s no way back) How could you say that I’m sorry for being late I beg your forgiveness It won’t happen again

I promise () (I think I’ve said enough) (I’ve got to go) (Good bye Jungkook

) No No No please don’t go Please Please don’t go

I won’t be late for our date anymore I’ll be a better boyfriend for you So Please don’t dump me I love you

Don’t dump me

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