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Hi Greetings rock paper scissors Hello, I introduce Adhicipta Raharja Wirawan this time in ice breaking games for online classes we will play a new ice breaking course of course different from the previous series this time I will invite my friends to play Come on guess the timeline Okay Like what let's thick This is the first time Don't forget to click like and press the button subscribers to activate the bell button so that your friends don't miss the ice breaking games series that are no less exciting okay What is the game like? Hi beautiful Hi ok this is a typical display from ice breaking series of PowerPoint games for online classes and this time the game is titled Let's Guess the Timeline of the Independence History Series So this is me special for this game, yes I will first explain the tactics to play Why is this special because I lifted this ice breaking game from karr gym that I made like that last year 2019 yes So this is it a carkim with three ways to play and there is also an application my friends can download it if you like there is use Android like that can be explained Yes of course to be played in online classes there Well that can't be exactly like that when it is played offline, yes Now for friends who might already never played this time certainly very familiar with how to play it and for friends who may first hear what the game card's timeline will explain more or less in general, how to play it and you can try it out right away So there will be yes every fiber will appear three historical events of the independence of the Republic of Indonesia okay and each player's job is to guess the correct sequence of historical events in the chatbox within fifteen seconds yes 15 seconds the answers that were first examined by the chatbox are those that are judged to be true or false the first ten players correctly and will quickly get points succinct one get 10 rank two get 9 rank three get eight points in rank four get seven points and so on up to rank 10 only get one point Yes of course this can later be modified fins are developed depending on the number of online class participants or online meetings or banners friends, have it and always Don't forget to record each point up to 10 times a round Okay let's just try playing right away Taklim Okay, 15 seconds we guess the correct sequence of these three events Is that what you type right in the chatbox suppose the order is 123 that's all 123 yes yes time is up we see yes the correct sequence is a Hi Okay Yes, so the correct order is 2013 so Budi Utomo's organization first stood after the establishment of the map forces and the third is the Aru naval battle Yes, yes those three events were arranged randomly and the players' job is to reorder GTA is that simple OK, we will go straight because we understand, of course we will go to the second problem 15 seconds Okay There are three events that have been invited we sort we just write the numbers The order is 10 time has run out Okay we guess The order is 312 yes, so in 1911 the book After Dark Comes, Publish the Light is published and next year 1945 map troop uprising and the 1949 Round Table Conference OK, we're ready again So this is us while remembering the history lessons of events that have happened in the past huh third question 15 seconds When was the birth of Pancasila When is the party National Indische Partij's first politics With the understanding of nationalism established and when the general attack on our Jogja occurred Time has run out Yes the answer is 213 OK, OK So this is where we get the problem Hi 15 seconds from now to Hi When The Jakarta Charter was established by BPUPKI when the Second Military Aggression occurred and when Ki Hajar Dewantara wrote the article If I were a Dutch critic for the time-out Dutch Hi smile See the answer Yes this is the order Let's go in about accepting Hi Okay invited When the Bandung sea of ​​fire occurred When was the first song Indonesia Raya echoed and when the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombs occurred guess the order Like what time is up If the answer Okay Hi, how do we continue with the next question, brothers and sisters When the Japanese invasion of Indonesia occurred and when the Surabaya battle to drive out allies occurred and when Japan surrendered to allies Time has run out Yes, the answer Hi Okay, this is the order, so the Japanese invasion of Indonesia happened first, followed by the Japanese surrender to allies and the battle of Surabaya in the same year it's just a different month we continue to the next problem Yes, there are a number of problems that have already been mentioned Hi while remembering back to Indonesia, yes, time is up, we check the correct answer, the order is The order is still 1 2 and 3 Yes 1911 1942 Cot Plieng war and 1945 proclamation of Republican independence Indonesia okay Yes it's easy Yes really easy we continue the next problem what are these events? Okay Yes, please guess the order 210 time is up do not check the correct answer the order is 312 okay Continue Yes, easy Japanese invasion ship Hi When did the Bandung sea of ​​fire occur and when was the mutiny of the map forces Hi hi Hi time is up And the answer is the correct order is 13 Hi okay Next question Hi, please guess: When was the birth of Pancasila? When did Military Aggression 2 occur? When time runs out we check the answer 312 men according to her Okay Yes, that was the last question about the 10th question and please check the scores of my friends in total yes if 100 to 90 means you are his qualification is a general if 89 to 80 means you are a Major if 79 to 70 means you are a captain and 69 to 50 there is a Sergeant of course this can be modified can be changed, friends make own ranking is important Is participation so of course from everyone and this is a form of appreciation yes from insight and knowledge that is owned Well this is for friends who might be interested

Wow I want to have this is the karr game, which is the historical edition? you can click it for friends, then you have the file, yes or just search on Tokopedia with keywords Style card game timeline bisopi is also there yes There are many promos in shopee and there are also on Bukalapak bea please buy an online store that is closest to where you live so that the postage is cheap Hi and this is a series This PowerPoint file for the ice breaking game that is ready to use is the first series and there are already four other series including this one now there are 6 in total, and the Nam file in this video And for friends who might be quite busy don't have that time huh Wow, this time, I want to have the files modification is what I might want to bring the order or earlier if the event I want to invite again yes go ahead friends can enter Wwwkaryaqqcom The play ground is finished Now there is a choice later friends can eh donation Rp 25,000 But get only one file if friends need all of these PowerPoints are eh and best but for friends who want to download All files are Yes Please pay can donate Rp100 weaves have access for 30 days to download the whole the file yes the PowerPoint file that I uploaded in this Karsa dotcom work, please go ahead and me God willing, will always be updated everytime week Uh every week will always be updated yes Pray for Tetep to always be creative and creative and of course this is all thanks to the support of friends who have 29 people who and 29 followers who have supported to date And for the next ice breaking game when I will also play the timeline but the timeline is the theme the figures science technology engineering arts and mathematics yes or abbreviated steam yes like that Hi Okay, how about that? Yes, it's easy to play, and it's no less exciting, especially if you already have friends the physical card game timeline Print it, yes, but the free version of PowerPoint is quite exciting too and can be used to be severe so the lesson is not just for ice breaking games and don't forget so as not to miss the next series of steam timings yes and of course osbeckia videos are naughty and fun contents around gamification and xbridge games friends Don't forget to click like and subscribe so I don't miss it and this channel to continue to grow yes okay that's all from me thank you and don't forget to keep playing because from playing we learn a lot something regards rock Paper Scissors Hi hi

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