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펜타곤(PENTAGON) – PRISM LOG #11 : 홍석&여원의 별다방 1호점 방문기


HONGSEOK & YEOONE'S LOG FOR VISITING FIRST STAR* STORE Heading for the First Store of Star* The street is so pretty Here and there

Oh, gosh! (Found Something) Oh, what the! PRISM TOUR POSTER! I couldn't believe it It's amazing How did you find it? It just came to my sight It did So proud

Hongseok & Yeoone are So Proud It's not far from here Yes, it's nearly there When we walk talking to each other, we get to the destination soon I would like to show you the first Star* shop in Seattle Just bear with me for a sec

(OST of the Film 'JAWS') Now A Pop Quiz What is 'Sang-eo' in English? Shark Hongseok Didn't Fall into the Trap Question Many people thought of 'Jaws' when they heard the question

What was that? There are some trap questions such as asking people to say 'Ambulance' for 5 times, and then they ask them what's 'gugeup-cha' in English It's an ambulance Trap Quiz is Hard This is a residential area

So many beautiful houses here When I went to Cesky Krumlov in Prague, I stayed at a house like this one A Very Classy House It looks like a house in Harry Potter, huh? Expecto Patronum! Wingardium Leviosa~ The Two Guys Never Get Bored Though the screen is shaking badly, forgive us because I'm holding it Guys, finally we are here! Tada~ We've arrived at the cafe Full of Expectation I'm curious

Let's get in quickly Shall we? (Passing~) Reading the Billboard at the Entrance Hongseok Feels Something Wrong We're not in Pike Place Market, huh? Breaking News We have breaking news, huh? Yes It's urgent news

I felt something wrong So, I googled it to check This isn't the first store It looks like the first store to everyone's eyes Very Grand & Classy Looking Cafe I read the explanation at the entrance

It says the cafe started at Pike Place Market And we've been to Pike Place Market So, I googled it again, and it turned out it's not the first store We can't help but feel devastated (Shocked) (Shocked) We even passed the place earlier today

Yes, while passing it, I thought, 'I'll visit the first store' But, that was the first store of the cafe Still in Shock What should I do It's all my fault Hongseok Feeling Sorry a Lot I'll treat Yeoone with coffee here Anyway, we came to a very pretty cafe We'll enjoy the coffee here Very Positive Guys (Thank you for the coffee) After enjoying the coffee, we came out

It's getting dark now I've found out the first store is already closed today So Tomorrow morning, we'll go to the first store Then, see you tomorrow See You Tomorrow Morning Heading for the First Store They Missed Yesterday We're going to the first Star* store They Keep the Promise to Visit the First Store Finally, Arriving at the First Store They Realized Their Dream to Visit the First Store This is the real place We're queuing up to order

Look at this The Original Plate of the First Store This is the real deal We came to the first store and bought our coffee Enjoying the Coffee after the Long Waiting I'm so happy Indeed, we're finally here after making vain efforts yesterday

We go to cafes frequently in Korea, but this is a meaningful place for us, huh? Yes, it is Anyway, we came to the first store and we're enjoying the coffee Success! Hongseok & Yeoone Successfully Visited the First Store of Star*

Source: Youtube

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