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우리 그만 헤어지자… 짧지만 행복했다… [덕출이]


Oppa, I'm having a hard time, but you look happy man : What is this? Let's break up Take all your stuff

Be happy Fuxkin bastard Let's take a picture of the item first lol Hey that's not important Pack everything in your bag lol Let's break up Take all your stuff Be happy man : (Laying down) It's too hot

Hot? Are you sleepy now? I'm having such a hard time now Let's break up I got all your stuff Be happy (What? Did you meet a guy?) (Wait, I didn't even use those stuff) (What is this situation What are those) (This is condom He brought some good stuff) You look happy

girl : What? I'm having a hard time girl : What are you doing? I brought all your stuff Be happy MY man (What? Everybody's surprised) girl : Are you gay? ME? AM I GAY? What are you saying? I've never dated in my life This is a t-panty (reenacted actress lol) man : Hey he's got the handcuffs lol (he loves handcuffs) girl : Where did he go! Hey!! (Check this leopard panty!) (Pink princess lol Who wawnts to buy this?) (Hey everyone~ This is a set!) (Second-hand market all of a sudden) (Here's a nice condom, too) I've never dated before I'm having a hard tim But you look happy Let's break up I brought all your stuff Be happy (Hold on, I just got dumped by a guy) (What What is this for?) (This is condom lol) (Oh, Brazilian waxing) (I gotta post on IG) Where are my stuff? girl : He threw all of them girl : Really? I mean why did you bring those sets? You want this condom? girls : NoNONO I don't think I'll use that girls : No take it This is new This

girls : It's good until 2023 You will use it later for sure You don't want to use? (Real reaction) man : Nope Where did he go? girl : He's there Hurry up, oppa! I'm filming for Youtube This is a present (condom) girl : Who will use it for the least?

Source: Youtube

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