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[Arirang are cats] [I'm the owner] [*Provided by Ciao Bank, Nyang plus, Ari is #1 Company, Nam Kihyung's Fan Club, Big Cat Chicken] [REya, (Co)Catnip Construction, Cat Protection Association, No protection of Big Cat, Arirang TV] I'm Arirang are cats channel news anchor Big Cat Ummm, hmm [Um] I'm Nam Kihyung I'll tell you the breaking news [Rirang, brought in on March 1st, eventually demands independence to the Big Cat] Instead of shouting the Korean independence on March 1, 2019, Rirang, the cat I brought, while shouting Hooray for independence to Ari, turned out to be a more severe cat than Ari, which caused a stir for a while [Rirang: 'If I don't reach to a peace treaty with Ari, I'll use armed forces'/Here I go!] As soon as he came, he started the Arirang battle and almost destroyed the hospital monitor He touched Ari and was beaten up by Ari

He was a naughty cat that climbed on top of the human back while bathing! [The word 'human' that the anchor used is inappropriate] He has been carrying out very naughty acts [Ari 'I don't get along with Rirang'/Rirang 'Accept me now'] Ari thought that such actions of Rirang do not fit her high class looks, so Ari ignored Rirang Rirang didn't care about Ari's thoughts He jumped to Ari and longed for her affection [The Big Cat who was looking at them finally

] Beside them, I made them fight You naughty thing So naughty

With all my efforts But you know what? [For a year the Ari-Rirang treaty was not so powerful] Ari and Rirang became like real brother and sister, always fighting together And at this point, about a year since they first met, I ended up witnessing a shocking scene I was so surprised that I filmed it vertically with my phone, and the quality and the angle are not so good Understand those things or don't

Yes, anyway! Let's look at the video After a year of Rirang's effort to win Ari's heart, Ari became a Tsundere (a person who is initially cold before gradually showing a warmer, friendlier side over time) so she started to embrace Rirang [Ari 'Rirang is the same species as me' a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize] -I have been like this for the past 9 years -Ari, let go, let go! They were all the same They like each other since they are the same species

But how come you guys don't like me [The same species?] That was all for the Arirang are cats breaking news

This was Nam Kihyung, the anchor See you later [Arirang are cats I'm the owner]

Source: Youtube

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