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같이 눈사람 만들자 하고 엄마꺼 눈사람 부수기ㅋㅋㅋ


You son of a Where did you go! Where did he put the freaking thing! You son of a [What is the reason behind the madame's fury?] [Jung Seonho's house (feat a snowy day)] Wow, this is nuts! There's so much snow

Wow [The madame and Seonho are building snowmen on the yard] It's not that cold What? I don't think it's that cold You're having a laugh LOL [Just looking at Seonho's bare feet is making me shiver] [Mr

hard working / Mrs hard working] [Chapter 01: Seonho and madame are diligently building snowmen] [Oopsie doopsie] [His fighting spirit through his bare hands is incomprehensible] [LOL] [Seonho wear some gloves

] Ah! My hands are freezing! [Mr Hard working is gathering snow] [He seems to enjoy the pain] [He went to wear some gloves] [LOL] [He wore some gloves] Mom, bring it here Hurry [This is fun] Mom's snowman, baby snowman Where's the baby? It's right here

[I am right over here I am the baby~] This is the baby? Son of a/It's 10 years old

(Korean pun) [A 10 year old is a baby] Son of a what? How old? I am going to make him eyes, nose, and mouth too~ [Your eyes] [Nose] [Lips that touched me~](Reference to Eyes, Nose, Lips by Taeyang) [My touch] [Preparing the eyes, nose, lips (Your eyes, nose, lips that was created from your touch)] [Rub] Complete! Complete~ I'm going to show mine first [Seonho's snowman complete] This is Seonho snowman Seonho snowman looks ugly

[Emotional breakdown] You have to hurry and complete the face! [Big nose snowman] Ah! It's looks weird! [LOL] What are you doing?! Yours looks really bad, mom! [At least the eyebrows look good] Mine is better than yours

[Twitch] From what standards? Mine is cuter [Not much difference] What are you on about? Mine is more beautiful

(Serious) Complete~ Nope Not yet! What? What's wrong? -Lips! -Oh, lips [Carefully] [Seonho & madame's snowmen are complete] Wait Me too~ Let's do a heart! [Seonho & Madame's snowman project complete!] -We're done! -Yay~ Me too! I want to take a picture with my phone too! -Ah, mom let's take a photo with your phone too

-Me too~ [Snowman thief?] [Run!] [Where did he go?] [About 2 minutes later] Let's take the photo with my phone~ Ta-dah~ Where did it go? My snowman! You son of a Where did my snowman go! You son of a where did he take my snowman! [Looking around] [Looking around twice] Dang it, you brat! Oh, you are so dead What the! Mom! Wait! -What? -What the heck! What the heck! [LOL] What the heck! [LOL] What the heck! I was I was finding a good spot to take the picture! [Embarrassed] Oh Is that right? I was looking for a pretty place to take the picture [Quick apology] I am sorry I make you a new one! I'll make it right now Yours is small so it shouldn't take long Sorry! Sorry! [My precious snowman] [I was happy to know you] [It's completely gone

] Hey, mom Wasn't that too far? I thought you threw away mine! What? How could you reach that conclusion without any evidence? That was just your assumption! [And who was the one who gave that assumption] Yours It's perfect [LOL / Dejected;;] [Madame fixed the problem / LOL] He only has one arm! What the heck! Ah! I didn't have these many arms either! And the lower body part is slanted and chubby! What is this? You call this a snowman? It looks like a chess piece Ah

Fine, forget it What about the lips? Lips? [LOL] What the heck is this! [It's sticking out] The one I made was so pretty! I am going to kick your snowman No! No, wait! Don't do it! Don't you dare do it! No! No, you son of a No, no, don't do it! You butthead! Wait, wait, it hurts! [I'm in pain] Don't break it! I'm going to murder you if you do

[Chapter 02 Both will be competing to get hit by a snowball once] Close your eyes No, you have to raise your chin, mom Okay Close your eyes! [Half-closed LOL] Mom, please act fair Yours is too big! [Seonho's snowball] Then you can make a big one too

You have to close your eyes! -They are closed! -Tightly! Tightly! [LOL] Hurry and close your eyes! No! The loser will face the punishment! Only the loser! Rock paper scissors, okay! Rock paper scissors! [Scissors / rock] [LOL] -I won! -Again, again, again! -No, you can't! -No, please, again! I am almost done with filming Close your eyes Close it tight mom Tight! [Flinch] [LOL] I can see your half-closed eyes Shut them, mom

I said shut I did! [LOL] [You love me~] [Snowball round 2 (Again at Seonho's front porch)] [Paper paper] Rock paper scissors! [Scissors / scissors] Rock paper scissors! [Paper / Rock] Rock paper scissors! I won! You son of a You~ are dead meat~ [She went to gather more snow] [She is very excited] [Running man] Hey! [Lol] I got caught

Hey! That's too big! [LOL] Now~ -That's too big! – Everyone~ it's this big! Now, close your eyes Close your eyes! Close it shut! [LOL] [LOL] This is fun! [Looks like pickled Kimchi] [Nostril icicle] Oh no, we are in deep trouble Everyone, it's really dangerous to drive on a day like this -But I have to go now -Okay

Yeah, if you could just help me Okay! Show your face! Your face! Haha Show your face to me! [Suddenly a snow war] [Lightning snow-bolt] [Snow-Ki blast] Stop! You brat! [Energy blast!] [This is the revenge for the snow war (Don't you dare think I'll just let this slide)] That was refreshing [LOL] You son of a! [Shoe prints – Sung by Park Geunmi] [Shoe prints on the white snow] [The footprints went with Baduk] [Who is leaving at midnight (Seonho is leaving the house at midnight?)] [The lonely footprints on the mountain road] [End]

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